Life is certainly interesting, the ups and downs that come your way. As you reflect to your past for lessons of your experiences, you probably engaged in some of those situations and wondered why did I even go there? You could easily say for the lessons. However, it may be more than that. Instead of just looking only for the lesson(s), perhaps consider how you got hooked into the relationship or the event in the first place.

Have you ever considered that perhaps you were a player in someone else’s event? You connected to that person(s) because you had agreed to be a part of that individual’s life in that role. You may have been the catalyst or the significant one who made a difference in that particular person life.

We go in and out of each other lives for many reasons. To help each other, to aggravate each other, to connect in relationships of friendships, romance and even perceived enemies. Yes, perhaps we do it all for the experiences of the lessons and karma. But by going even deeper into the event and relationship, possibly the connection to resolve those lessons and karma, are not to continue to repeat them for the sake of the lessons and karma.

In the business of creative living, it is the resolution of the issues that will bring you the solutions to the issues. Repeating the lessons and karma is the repetitiousness of the busy-ness. This is getting involved in the drama and the trauma of the situations and the relationships without considering what is really going on. Am I hooked in through the repetitive busy-ness cycle of the situation…or is this situation the opportunity to see the significance of your own participation and say to your Self,
I “got it”!

I don’t have to jump back into the trauma of someone else’s event. I can say to my Self… “This is much too familiar a role that I have played far too many times. I definitely don’t have to play that part anymore. I can’t save everyone, I can’t make their lives better if they are not willing to do it for themselves, I can’t take their power away by thinking I can do their lives for them.”

This is a huge step in releasing your Self from the busy-ness of getting caught up in the trauma dramas of others. By loving them, whoever they are, unconditionally and to be understanding to their situations, to let them know you are there but you can’t fix their lives, will help them much more to empower them, whomever they are, significant other, family, friends, etc.

The business of creative living is to fully participatory in your own life’s role. Absolutely appreciate the roles you have played whatever the scenarios. Now take what you gleaned from the experiences of the relationships and the situations and see clearly the dynamics of your part. You get the picture without judging any of it. Now you can either move on or non-judgmentally continue your role. You are in the business of creative living and not getting involved in the non-productive, ineffective busy-ness plan.