In Duality, in so many genres, metaphysical, religious, political, tribal, ethnicity, educational, family, and the list goes on propagates that light side and the dark.  The “light” is the “right” side and the “dark” is the “wrong” side.  Ever wonder what side you are on?  Ever wonder what side you have been assigned by the Duality Belief Systems of yardstick measurements.  

The winner always has to be on the right side.  The loser always had to be on the wrong side.  What about all the individuals who are caught in between the fight? They are called Collateral Damage. They are sacrificial sacrifices.  Look at these two words…who gets to be the sacrificial lamb…the ones that signify the collateral damage. The ones, who are determined to have no value, no meaning, not even a measurement of recognition, acknowledgment, or even identification. These individuals have entered the Blind Side Zone.

If light represents illumination then how do these individuals become disconnected and no one can see them?  If dark represents the shadow side, how come these individuals who live on the dark side are so recognizable as bad and wrong?  What is up with these Duality Belief Systems of light and dark? Yet in the Blind Side are the individuals grouped into this category are they the sacrificial scapegoats who have no value and worth?  

Are these individuals who are assigned to the Blind Side, part of the culling?  Are these individuals, collectively assigned to this category of collateral damage, do they become the non-entity people who are sacrificed to prove a Duality point of conflict?  

The point or points of conflict are always determined by the light and dark sides, the winners and the losers.  They are extremely visible. This “group” who are in the Blind Zone are the disenfranchised individuals, known as people, in every conflict, war, battle, struggle, crusade, hostility.  They are the forgotten. They are the collateral damage.

Now let’s look at conflict as anti-life.  Hmmm!  Not just the Blind Zone for collateral damage known as people, but what about other life on this planet that fall into this Blind Zone.  What about the animals, or what about all the living species in the “land of war” that are devastated in this Blind Side Zone?  

Is being “right” light and being “dark” bad, the only options on this planet or in this Universe?  In Duality for sure!  What happens when “life” in any form on this planet or in this Universe falls into the Blind Side Zone, are these life forms including humans just disregarded and fall into the category of collateral damage?  Who advocates for these life forms?  More Hmmmms!!!!

In Duality all life and forms of life that fall into the Blind Side Zone, what happens to them?  Are they not acknowledged? Are they not part of life on this planet?  Or are they not part of life in this Universe?  Are they the “bit” players who make up the chorus that no one not only doesn’t see but does not hear?  

What is up with this facet of Duality?  Would you like to be part of the Collateral Damage Group ending up in the Blind Side Zone? Would you like your family, friends, co-workers, whatever labels or boxes assigned to these people in your life, be the perfect collateral damage selectees, who are affected, affected, and infected by the Duality “light” and “dark” participants, who have no voice?  

Ask your Self… Do these collateral damage participants escape having a voice or advocates to support their lives? Remember most collateral damage individuals, unless they are famous, simply get swept up into the No Voice Blind Side Zone, never to be remembered.  Could this be part of a culling process to maintain a certain number of participants who do not get to been seen in these Duality conflicts of “light” and “dark”.  

Someone has to be the example of the “light” and the “dark”.  They are in a manner of speaking, the lucky ones.  At least they get to live or continue to exist in the Duality conflict programs.  Many times over and over again.  However the Collateral Damage Blind Side Zone individuals are invisible, forgotten, swept under the rug, no burial markers, they simply disappear from view, from history, from life!!!

Well now… in Dualities relationships, they are under “con”tract within an individual or collective groups, many times called families, or even an organization, business, political, academia, etc.  Duality “con”tracts, the con of the tracts, are infused with trauma dramas, conflicts, oppositions, etc within the genres of “light” and “dark”.  

The individuals, leaders and followers within the specifications of Duality’s “con”flict,  embrace their roles according to their assignments in the “con”tracts.  In this resonance of Duality, the system works perfectly.  Perfectly dysfunctional yet holding people, for eons over and over again within the same framework of Duality’s, grasps regardless of the calendar’s time zones, time frames, and timelines. 

Duality works like this.. Do-Overs Do-Overs Do-Overs!!! Everyone can count on Duality being repeatable.  “Oops I did it again, Karma, Lesson and Reincarnation Belief Systems of “light” and “dark”?  The system of Duality is the perfect resonance of repetition without consciousness growth.  Oh Yes, technology has changed, expanded, grown, however, the eternal mechanisms of control and manipulation of Duality are the perfect “light” and “dark” scenarios!  There are only a few movie themes in Hollywood…Good Guys, Bad  Guys..the “light” is at war with the “dark”.

The Truth is in Duality both sides are the same manipulative do-over genres eons upon eons of time frames.  For the Blind Zone participants, what are their roles? Are they just non-entities, the extras in the movies who never get any credits for their part in the Duality “con”tracts?  Ask your Self, why do these individuals have to sacrifice their lives, their experiences, their pasts, their current times, and their futures just to be extras in the Duality plots of “light” and “dark”?

Perhaps it is time to become conscious!  Perhaps it is time to step out of the resonance of Duality of “light” and “dark” and step into the resonance of Non-Duality Consciousness, cancel ALL the Duality “con”tracts, and honor life on this planet and in this Universe.  

How do we as humans evolve?  I can guarantee, human evolution will NEVER occur within the resonance “con”structs of Duality.  Here’s a way.  Let’s cancel, Dualities “light” side zone, the “dark” side zone, and open our eyes with “real eyes”, and realize that eliminating the Blind Size Zone by seeing from the inside out, not the outside in.  The Truth of the “con”trol and “man”ipulation of Duality’s resonance does not, in fact, honor life.  The resonance of Duality only perpetuates “war”, conflict, “light” and “dark” from the Blind Side Zone!  Let’s consciously walk “out” of these Zones and walk into the Non-Duality Involved Conscious Evolution Zone that honors life, that honors the God within each of us on this planet, that honors all life on this planet.  Non-Duality is the resonance of life that initiates creativity, newness, and connectedness.


“To Realize with Real Eyes” is to see through and from your heart…The Truth”

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