a83d18fef4974a7b26bc62ff57f045aaWhat connects you with another person romantically? Is it just the hormones? Or is there so much more to the story that is not always obvious? Oh, for sure there is so much more to the story than those electrical connections or sizzle of the physical body. There is the emotional component that can make or break the relationship somewhere along the relationship timeline. Those amazing emotions can sometimes run rampant as you go through the first stages of the romance.

Oh…those proverbial questions that pop up. What does he think about me? What does she think about me? Or, in fact, is anyone thinking of each other at all? Oh boy, in those crucial first stages of romance, the “head” questions can lead to “thinky-thinky” confusion. The head can lead you astray, making up fact-less stories, causing worry and stress particularly…“where is this relationship going?” Sometimes it goes away before it even gets started.

There are so many reasons why two people connect with each other. The one huge significant reason that an attraction is happening is the familiarity of a profile. What does this mean? The profile is a type-cast idea or ideal which can trigger an image of what the other person is supposed to provide in the relationship. The issue is that when a person is in an emotional hormonal state, clear thinking may not happen. The profile that is sought is not always the profile that shows up. In the Art of Romance, it is much more productive when both people are clear about the attributes they are both seeking based on facts and not fiction.

The “Grow-Up, Get Married, Have Children and Live Happily Ever After” may work in the fairy tale, but in real life, it causes confusion. Be clear about the who you are looking for so the what and how of the relationship will be so much clearer. The couple’s connection is at a deeper level of understanding in the relationship. No confusion. The couple involved will know what they want from each other without guessing or second guessing themselves or each other. The best part is that the hormonal factor is also so much better. The relationship is based upon a heart, mind, body and soul connection.

4c9ecf8a4e1bbaaaa8621dcf82ff2352Here are some healthy tips for the Art of Romance:

1. Make sure the attraction is not based on a former relationship or profile.

2. Listen to each other from your heart and not your head.

3. Stick to the facts instead of the emotional stories.

4. Keep the past in the past and don’t drag it into the new relationship.

5. Treat each other with respect.

6. Stay in your hearts in the good times and the not so good times.

7. Embrace the journey together.

8. Remember the great reasons why you attracted each other.

9. Always keep romance alive; romance lives through you both!