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Multiple Dimensional QuantumAlthough the ideas of multi-dimensional realities have been recognized by the world’s “metaphysical communities” for eons, this concept was either hidden in the shadows of “woo woo”, or considered an absurdity by the scientific world, academia, and thus the mainstream collective consciousness accepted it as so.  No one in their right minds (creative brain) would embrace such ridiculous ideas. It was only those weirdos, who clandestinely practiced in hushed obscurity.  Maybe the idea of the darkness started from the fear of our multi-dimensional abilities and our own empowerment.  And it definitely was easier to give our power away, than to be judged as different. I am sure there are many who can relate to this idea. You might be identified as the black sheep of the family.  I can really relate to this.

Newsflash…the fun part…the paradigm shift has always been here…and as the joke goes…do we have change for a paradigm?  It doesn’t matter what we think, because thinking has nothing to do with it, and the old thought patterns are fading away.  The paradigm of the multi-dimensional consciousness is here, shifting in an accelerated rate when you are willing to accelerate…your time of acceleration, get it, is up to you. Now you can propel yourself into your multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beingness.  This is a physical change. Why? Because everything about you is physical!! You make everything change. Your change(s) are up to you.  Your ideas, your thinking, your behaviors, your views, your actions…everything is shifting because you are willing to choose to become consciousness.  It is an inside job!  So how exciting is that for everyone?

“Inside changes to the outside brings…changes”. 

Wei Chen – Ancient Chinese Philosopher

Your ideas, your views and your interactions in relationships on all levels are challenged by you as you merge into your multi-dimensional Self.  The models of science, business, medicine, mainstream and metaphysical, once considered in opposition to each other will merge. The vocabulary, the wordology of you and the limited duality system changes with the shift of the Allness consciousness.

Words like Spirit, God, Body, Mind, Soul, Angels, Guides, Soul Groups, Cellular, Molecular, Quantum, DNA, etc are becoming part of our every day talk.  Wordology is indeed your biology and everyone’s biology.  The difference is when the words come from the left computer brain, the limited duality belief systems continue.  There ain’t NO SHIFT. It’s the same ol’ same old!

When the words from inside of you from your heart change to a multi-dimensional conversation, everything changes.  You become multi-dimensional. This is the paradigm shift that everyone has been talking about for years… whatever the label is harmonic conversions, harmonic concordance… whatever!  Descriptions are great but until the action happens there is no shift!  STOP! Stop using language of limitation.  Stop using wordology that keeps you a victim…STOP THE PRESSES!!! STOP de-depressing yourself, victimizing yourself, making yourself less…or whatever.

“Your limitations are the language of duality.” Sherryism

So what does multi-dimensional realness mean to you and everyone?  How can the idea of multi-dimensional anything mean anything in any way to everyone’s “third dimensional lives”? In very subtle and very obvious ways everyone and everything is impacted.  In Duality you are affected, effected, and infected to be limited, to suppress your creativity for having the best life.  As a multi-dimensional person, you “get to” delete duality’s contagious infections.  Examples: you have to fit in, you can’t be different, you have to have a label, you must conform, you have to be credible by someone else’s standards, you have to be less than…etc.etc.etc…fill in your own blanks of limitations and see they are infectiously contagious.

Some most significant and awesome changes are coming from the scientific and medical communities.   They are beginning to recognize that the body, mind, spirit and “soul” connection is the body’s physical link to our multi-dimensional realness.  Our body, mind, spirit, and soul together, as a multi-dimensional energy unit, is our physicality.  It can be no other way.  The synergy between medicine and intuitive energy methodologies, an example, the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing & Abundance, is now called energy medicine.  A paradigm shift! So no longer a concept! A new multi-dimensional realness is occurring.

We may have been programmed or taught that we live on a third dimensional planet (whose plan is it?) of realities, but our bodies live everyday through multiple-dimensional realities, conscious or not.  Our bodies are the time continuum, above, below and beyond third dimension.  We are energy, physical, metaphysical, cellular, molecular, quantum, thoughts, intentions, actions and more. Our everyday life is multi-dimensional.  Our private life, our business life, our leisure life, our family life, our friendship life, our experiences,…our multi-dimensional life goes on every day.  From the inside, from all sides to the outside! The choice is from the inside out are you willing to create unlimited realities of duality or make your multi-dimensional life from your inside out your realness as your energy emerges from within you, creates your actions and make your life real to you. What is real for you is up to you. You are in charge as your own paradigm shifter.

Everyone’s past lives, present lives, and future lives are imprinted in everyone’s bodies of consciousness on all levels, whether we are conscious or not. This information is stored in your bodies and expressed through your Auric Fields.  It tells who we are.  Our bodies “remember” every experience, every conversation, every day of “all” of our lives at the cellular, molecular and quantum levels of our being-ness.  How fun! Or not!  As we lift the pretend veils, the blocks, the fears foundations, or whatever we have identified as prevention programs that have thwarted us from our own empowerment and creative energy, we can now choose to look at our lives, our actions, our choices, our being-ness in much more expanded and awesome ways.

We don’t have to be limited anymore in our thinking or our actions.  We can use our own bodies as resources of what have we learned from all those experiences from all times, all levels and all dimensions.  STOP…the karma lessons and the reincarnation B.S.!!! These programs are simply limitations that infect and strangle the life out of you. From our personal time continuums use what serves us, and let go of what no longer is applicable. How practical is that?  Empowering!

Our physical bodies alone are multi-dimensional.  Perhaps we have not thought of our bodies in such a way.  Look at our multiple systems, i.e., circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, etc, that work together in the most miraculous unity to support our bodies each day of our lives.  However when our emotional body is out of balance with our physical systems, we manifest dis-ease, dys-function and dis-stress.  We look for an “outside” cure.  Hams and meat are cured not people.

Certainly not a right or wrong.  However, we have multi-dimensional resources to draw upon from our own bodies of experiences.  Certainly tapping into our past lives, even our past in this lifetime, at the cellular level, can assist us in our healing processes. Actually there are no past lives, it’s just past experiences stored at the cellular level in our idea of the past. Everything is happening is happening in this moment. The past is simply a duality reference point.  When we all see it as reference points we can use the information to keep it or dump it.

Utilizing our intuitive abilities, we have more multi-dimensional resources to access, call them what you will… guides, angels, gurus (G-U-R-U), sources, channels, devil, soul groups…whatever it is, it is all really you and each of us accessing our own multi-dimensional selves. Availing our other multi-dimensional resources whatever you would like to label them or call them, you and all of us can either have positive and practical influences in our lives… or not the choice is up to you!  How practical is that?

Never in the history of the world or the consciousness of man, has a time been more exciting.  Embrace the multi-dimensional shift of consciousness which you and all of us create individually and collectively, embrace the changes or not. Welcome the opportunities to experience your life through expanded views beyond Duality’s third dimensional limitations. You just might like who you are and how you see your Self beyond limitations. This goes for everyone.  It’s your choice and everyone’s choices to see the world through multi-dimensional eyes, without tunnel vision or judgments. Everyone…just allow your Selves to experience your “isness”. STOP…being afraid of that magnificent inner power that is natural, innate, and intuitive!

It’s time to let go of oneness where everyone is the same. Embrace ALLNESS honoring the uniqueness of everyone, including your Self and embrace the CONNECTEDNESS of everyone through HEARTNESS.

“Everyone is a multi-dimensional being.” Sherryism

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