Isn’t it interesting that when we think about the past, our memories are often more negative than positive? Did you ever consider why this happens? Well for one thing, there are more negative words relating to emotions in the English language than there are positive ones. I’ve always wondered if that is the truth for other languages, but since our negative programs run so deep and we bring them back in lifetime after lifetime, even from when we didn’t speak English, I feel sure it is the same in other languages and cultures.

Of course, negativity is based on fear, but then that is another blog.  Anyway back to those negative memories (yech!) that seem to pop up more often when I am overtired, stressed or feeling less energetic. Here’s a quick exercise I’ve found helpful.

First I lie down and close my eyes. (Or you can relax in a chair, especially if you are at work.) Then I recall, not relive, but recall a time when I was full of energy, having the best time of my life, when my body and my self were at oneness.

Yes…that’s really  me!

For me, the day I first soloed an airplane ‘is’ the best day of my life. I am energized to the max….having the best time, flying high (naturally), loving my life and the experience. I use these wondrous memories, converse with my body and tell all my cells, molecules and particles to remember the extraordinary feelings. Within seconds I am energized and feeling more positive because my body ‘remembers’ these exciting moments in my history.
This is a great technique, especially when there is not time to meditate. What I am doing is being fully conscious, accessing my memory banks and assisting myself to feel fabulous.  Give it a try and let me know your results!

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