Do you remember Bob Hope singing his theme song…”Thanks for the Memories”? How profound that song is. As you move into a higher consciousness or awareness in your journey through your Earth experiences, you have accumulated millions of memories. If you compile this lifetime with your lifetimes of experience, you are a wealth of knowledge from these memories. You are a walking, talking, experiencer of memories! How fun is that. Well, sometimes not so fun. But “remember”, these are your experiences that you created whether you were aware of it or not. That’s what getting conscious is all about…REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE! Not who you are not…there is no such thing as who you are not!

You are this wondrous being of experiences and memories to access and to use.
Healing is not just about releasing! Yes, letting go is great, where the information of memories do not serve you; however…accessing and keeping your information that will benefit you in this life is incredibly healing. You did not always have an awful life, burned at the stake, killed in a war, murdered or slaughtered, enslaved or whatever! For sure it is time to let go of those experiences and memories. So you created them…so the question is… what did you learn? Yes, “that stuff” was not fun, very painful and horrific. But at some level of consciousness you created it!
Oh well!

The best part now is you can draw upon your fabulous memories, when you DID have great lives and great experiences in this lifetime. Use them. Empower yourself. Pat yourself on the back for all the GOOD and GREAT stuff that you did! Begin to honor yourself.

There is not a script writer in Hollywood, New York or anywhere that could have written your experiences as well as you. You lived them! Be proud of all that you created, no matter what. You have learned so much about yourself in your journeys to Earth or wherever!

It is time to tap into that creative power within you…your God Gene, your Designer Gene and begin to design the life that you absolute require, desire and deserve! You have all those experiences and memories. Begin to sort through what to keep and what to let go!

You are an Encyclopedia Britannica of memories stored at the cellular level of your body…called consciousness. How fabulous is this! No one knows more about you than you. You are the resource of this knowledge. Begin to listen to your body! The deeper you go into your body of consciousness, consciously, the more you will remember!

Be inspired by your Self. Stop dwelling on the negative, the dark side. The dark side of your Self is only ignorance. You just forgot how divine a being you are! Let go and let the God within you get conscious!

Creating newness is the plan. The same old, same old that no longer serves, the old patterns, the old behaviors, the old “stuff” time to move on. You have knowledge, you have the memories! So…thank yourself for the memories. You have a lot to remember!