This article is about what $10.00 can do to support women, who in most countries are the very poorest of the poor, with little education, no visible means of support and very little power to change their circumstances…until now.  $10.00 is barely the cost of a Starbucks and less than one dinner at a restaurant. 

“In 1983 Muhammad Ynus established Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of Bangladesh with miniscule loans.  He aimed to help the poor by supporting the spark of personal initiative and enterprise by which they could lift themselves out of poverty forever.  It was an idea born on a day in 1976 when he loaned $27 from his own pocket to forty-two stool makers living in a tiny village.”

Most of these loans went to women.  For the “normal” banking industry Professor Ynus was way out of the box.  He believed that to help the very poorest of the poor, to teach them to become independent, they will help themselves, their families and their communities.  Today in 100 countries 250 banks providing micro lending as a hand up, not a handout to provide a real way out of poverty.  Professor Yunus is making a real difference in real tangible ways especially for the poorest of women around the world.  He is an authentic paradigm shifter.

In October 2007, I had the privilege of meeting Anne Guerrant.  She touched my heart and I knew she would change my life.  As a tennis professional, she traveled around the world, playing matches in some of the world’s wealthiest places.  During her career, Anne saw firsthand the incongruency as she witnessed some of the extreme poverty that co-existed along side the extreme wealth. This inconsistency weighed upon Anne’s heart.  From Wimbleton to serving the world’s poor, she is again a paradigm shifter for women. With a history in sports of helping create equal pay for women, Anne focuses her life on improving the lives of women by raising awareness for micro credit programs in third world countries.  She and her husband Terry match funds to those who contribute to their Guerrant Foundation.

In October of 2007, inspired by Anne’s mission, I partnered with her to move the cause forward to support these women.  These women couldn’t even imagine there was a way out of their poverty.   I believe so strongly in this micro-lending mission, that teaches these poorest of the poor women to be uplifted in their spirits, their worth, and their abilities, that in the smallest of ways, through a $10.00 donation from our healing meditations, we have supported 89 women in Mexico to start their own businesses.  This commitment changed my life for sure. 

What matters is that it is also changing the lives of these Mexican women, the lives of the children, and their communities.  What a snowball effect this program is having.  It is really affecting the economics of the world, one woman at a time, growing exponentially.  The fact is…98% of these women pay the loan back within six months, which in turn supports new borrowers to receive loans. The other 2% is paid back by their group who support and help each other to achieve personal, professional and financial success.  They rely on each other working together creating a new economy.  They are building community together.  Ten – $10.00 bills starts a business, establishes a new life and empowers these women to be a part of a new paradigm that supports emotional, financial and spiritual successes.  How fabulous!   Micro-lending is working around the world.

I feel blessed and fortunate to be a part of this larger vision and mission empowering women to be successful.  Who knows what incredible changes and shifts this will mean for everyone on this planet.  This is just one avenue that is near and dear to my heart.  Who knows what can happen. Perhaps this is one way to manifest a new earth without poverty and illiteracy by supporting the creative power of women.  There are so many ways we can all help each other.  Who knows what idea, as Muhammad Ynus and Anne Guerrant had, that you may have that will inspire, connect and change the world.  You may be a paradigm shifter who could positively affect even more changes in our world.  Think about it!  You could be the one!

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