This is to be one of the funniest articles that is written by me! Just can’t help it. Love to “bust” Duality Belief Systems wherever and however these B.S. oratories came into “being” which created the most outrageous, no judgment just facts, stupid, idiotic and ridiculous un-factual silliness yet dangerous repeatable “propaganda”, yes propaganda ever perpetuated on this planet. 

First of all, just consider some of the unfactual “facts” that are perpetuated year after year and eon after eon. WHY? These unfactual facts are the best way to “con”trol the populace, you, me, and everyone, where ever that any of us may be living!  Ever wonder who are those voices in your head? 

This is just one of the amazing aspects of Duality… Channeling.  Here is one of my stories of channeling the “pretend” made up “his”tory.  No judgment. Told this one so many times. As an eight-year-old in third grade, I raised my hand and asked… “If Columbus discovered America, how come people were living here?” And the “channeled” answer I received is… “Memorize it and pass the test!”  

Memorize it!!!??? So the teaching memorized this unfact. Channeled it to me and I was supposed to continue the “channel” and repeat this unfact! Hmmm!  Getting the picture of channeling? No wonder why they call the spaces of information on TV are called “Channels”. Who is channeling in whose voices the current “stories” to be passed on and on? So how many “channels” of voices are channeled for the current and even past information is spoken in any language and then accepted as fact? OMG please don’t question!

If you have questions, how are you going to pass and pass on this “channeled” information to others?  The only difference is…the passed-on information is now in your voice. Is this called “education?” No judgment. Just asking?  

Since History is one of my favorite subjects, it is eye-opening, “Channel” opening to listen to history from different view points!  There is certainly a huge difference in the history “channel” that is being expressed and shared in different voices from the view points of the winners and losers, especially in all the formats of languages that are expressing who won and who lost.  Remember in Duality winners and losers are malleable. Why? Well, each group of people, from their perceptions, whether they won or lost are usually not the same versions.  

“Perception is the reception of the deception of my conception!” Sherryism


Now put god into the equation. Are the ones who “channeled” their version of god the best, the ones that won? Or do the losers channeling their version of god have a second chance of becoming the winner? Using Detroit Michigan, no judgment as an example was thriving during WWII. On the other hand, look at Detroit now. Almost in some areas looks “bombed out”. In Nagaski, blasted by the “BOMB” was devasted in so many ways. Yet today, it is a thriving city. The question might be… Who channeled god better?  Again not judging.  This is the affect, effect, and infect of Duality.  


From a perspective in Metaphyzzler land, a channel is only as clear as who or “what” the person is channeling. You must be very careful of the message. Is the message of the channeler telling you or me or whomever what to do? Then by all means be clear, a conscious beyond Duality channel or channeler would not be telling anyone what to do.

Oh Yes, I have channeled. When I do, the person, the group, or whoever has to fill out an application written by me. WHO are you, speak in my English language, don’t give me any metaphyzzler language, speak clearly and what are your intentions? To provide information that will benefit me and to whom I will share this information… are you “trying” to start another Duality Belief System, B.S. looking for followers instead of self-actualized leaders? If the person, group, or whoever cannot provide answers that are clear and Non-Duality Conscious, then they are asked to leave in no uncertain terms. Very certain terms.

A person who “channels” and everyone does, must be Non-Duality Clear to provide Non-Duality Clear Information that is beneficial and practical to the listeners’ lives. This is how real channeling works. Now back to the unclear channels!!!

What are some of the voices in your head, especially your left computer brain that regurgitates information that is picked up along the way that may not have even a smidgen of truth, maybe all true but not the TRUTH? Back to my teacher. Columbus did not discover America any more than scientists discovered black holes. The black holes are there, the technology makes it possible to “discover” the holes. The ships, and the technology of the time, upon which Columbus traveled made it possible for him to reach a new place that was already there!

Now I am not discounting the amazing aspects of your creativity, my creativity, or anyone’s creativity, the “counting” is supporting and assisting your Self, or me in my case, to be open and willing to discover what had not been seen or “channeled” before. A Newness Discovery of you, or me, or anyone. This Newness Discovery, when shared in complete Non-Duality Consciousness, benefits everyone. The knowledge gained can and could make incredible differences in your life, my life, and all life.

The idea of channeling is to make connections. When the connections are connected through Non-Duality Consciousness, everyone benefits! Duality ownership is no longer the issue or issues to use this information to “con”trol anyone, the populace, the population, the group, the nation, and the list goes on.

Now the voice! The idea of the voice or voices in your head. These are indeed the voice or voices in your left computer brain that you “channel”. These voices, not your own, can be great motivators or they can be the voices that make you bad and wrong…so Duality. These are not the voices that are so often repeated in your left computer brain that does not support you, assist you to be YOU! These voices are the Dualistic voices that make you less, not good enough, the nots, nots, nots of you being YOU.

Whatever the tones or tonalities of these voices that are not supporting you to be the BEST, have the best life and live your best life… degauss these voices. This simply means dump them out of your left computer brain!

Replace these voices with the voice within your own Heart. The real voice of YOU. The real voice that supports and assists you to create YOU, Your Life, Your Experiences, and the ALL of YOU! Start “channeling” your own inner being. Channel your own clear, Non-Duality Consciousness which provides the resonance of YOU, YOUR LIFE, and YOUR CREATIVE ABILITIES.


“Listen to your heart… and follow your inner guidance of Truth!”
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