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Get to the CORE of the issue “When did my anxiety start?”

Be one of the first to hop on the call and Sherry will get to the core of your anxiety and provide the answer to “When did my anxiety start?” Once you have this information, you can begin the process of letting it go!

You’ll also have the opportunity to continue on with Sherry and the group to actually let it go, and to not bring it back!

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Do you have just 15 minutes to increase your joy and well being and reduce your stress and angst would you take advantage of it?

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Anshara now offers our complimentary “Fast 15 Tune-Up” call, Live with Sherry!

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Life Happens all around you, all the time and sometimes it comes at you so fast you get anxious. In just 15 minutes Sherry will show you how to Release Anxiety by getting to the CORE of the Issue without fear.

Register and Attend Sherry’s FREE Fast-15 call and find out the answer to this question:

“When Did My Anxiety START?”

Once you have this information, you can begin the process of letting it go!

Here are some Anxiety symptoms that my clients have experienced but no longer have…

  • Loss of control
  • Fear of the future
  • Over thinking
  • Can’t sleep
  • Nerves are shot
  • Exhausted and weak
  • Sad but don’t know why
  • Cry at the drop of the hat
  • Hate their lives and have no reason(s) for it

The question is, “How do we reduce all those factors so you can live life your way and to its fullest?

A lot of people ask Sherry what Anxiety is. “Here’s the spin… Anxiety at the core is unrealistic expectations… personally accepting judgments of other people’s opinions of you. They may seem real or implied or even misconstrued, but rarely are they based upon what is the truth about you. When you carry these unrealistic expectations in your body from childhood, teenage years, or even as adults, these expectations eventually make you sick, resulting in the diagnosis of Anxiety.”

“Through the Anshara Method, you absolutely can heal your anxiety without drugs or wasting one more minute of your life. Relief! Freedom! Your wait to get better is over! Say goodbye to Anxiety. Say Hello to your anxious free life!.”

Register and Attend Sherry’s FREE Fast-15 call and find out to reduce your anxiety by at least 15% in just 15 minutes.

If you have ever had chest pain and heart palpitations, a rush of adrenaline, shortness of breath or tension, you’ve been anxious. Many headaches are caused by being anxious and it can even stop you from getting a full nights rest.

Please, take 15 minutes this Friday, December 8th, and join Sherry on her Fast 15 call:

How to reduce your anxiety by 15% right now.

See you on the call and for those who attend, Sherry will have a special complimentary gift that will help you reduce your anxiety even more.

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