There are so many ideas about spirituality. What is it? Why does it have so many meanings? The thesaurus states that spirituality is religion, theology, mysticism and holiness. Yet each of these descriptive words do not agree with each other. How can Spirituality be holiness, religion, theology and mysticism at the same time? Each of these words seems to contradict the other.

If spirituality is religious then is being religious about being religious against each other’s religion spiritual? If spirituality is mysticism, isn’t mysticism against being religious, unless you are religiously mystic? Then why don’t more religions have mystics? If spirituality is theology, isn’t theology a religious study? Do you have to study to be spiritual? If spirituality is holiness, then why is it so difficult to be holy or saintly when you are being spirituality? More contradictions?
Is spirituality physical? Does being spiritual have a physical component to it? Is being spiritual physical? Is spiritual part of the make-up of the physical body? The more there is to say about spirituality the more questions there are to ask about spirituality or being spiritual. Contradictory and confusion to say the least for being spiritual…or perhaps not.
Perhaps spirituality is all of these descriptions and more. Perhaps spirituality is a physical component of the human body’s physicality to experience spirituality on a daily basis. Or perhaps it is to enjoy a spiritual experience every moment of your journey in life? Perhaps considering that enjoying a good dinner with good friends without the trauma dramas is perfectly spiritual. Perhaps spending an evening alone with your Self with a wonderful book, taking in the message of the book for the pure enjoyment of the experience is spiritual. Perhaps exchanging long ago good memories with a family member is spiritual. Maybe getting out of the box of what being spiritual is will allow more spirituality into life’s moments without having to do something that “looks” spiritual.

In this vein, spirituality is more than a concept or a dogmatic religious experience. Spirituality is a real aspect of the human body and the human experience. Spirituality is connection beginning the connection with Self. Yes, Self with a capital S! Spirituality is the connection to the moment of being involved from the heart not the head. Spirituality is the being-ness of physically being connected. Spirituality is a real experience, not something to have to wait to attain somewhere in some heaven idea.

Spirituality is practical ascension. What does that mean? Practical ascension is grounding the full awareness of consciousness through the physical body and acting upon the clarity of the consciousness creatively. In other words, you create your life as a Conscious Creator in the moment by living your life fully. Practical spirituality is just the practical application of being involved in your life with purposes, on purpose for the purpose of living each and every day as if it was the first day of your life.

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