Many of my friends, clients, and associates have called with the same questions. Although some of them are friends or acquaintances and either know each other or know of each other, the majority don’t know each other at all.  What I have noticed and then started tracking is an underlying theme in their questions.  It is just not “what am I doing here on Earth,”… the usual question when someone is experiencing a paradigm shift in their consciousness and awareness.  There are many levels and layers to their questions.

From a physical standpoint, the symptoms are extreme tiredness, upset stomachs, headaches, dizziness, feeling restless, sleepless nights, and just “not feeling good”.  Some are experiencing lucid dreams, out of sync with what is going on in their lives.  Out of body experiences are frequent.  Some are sensing waves of energy moving across their bodies.  Some are extremely irritated.  It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, gender or age has nothing to do with these symptoms.  Deep emotional issues are coming up from their first (base) and second (generative/sexual) chakras.

All of these symptoms are the physical ramifications of this shift that is going on at the deeper level of their consciousness in their bodies.  Although many have seen their doctors, others are treating the symptoms with over the counter remedies, some are searching out health food stores, changing their diets, some are seeking conventional counseling or even alternative methods to improve their physical issues, none seem to be relieving the problems.  And if there is some relief, it is just temporary.

Each has expressed to me how emotional they have become.  That things are bothering them more than usual.  The emotional issues seem to be manifesting in frustration, “thinking” more about their past, not being happy, but not sure why, wanting to change their careers, but not knowing what to change, dissatisfied with their lives, feel like crying, but not knowing what to cry about.  They are experiencing extreme mood shifts.  They are unsatisfied with their relationships, whether they have a solid relationship or not. They are feeling confused.  This seems to be a huge part of the symptoms…the confusion.  Some are changing their religions.  Some are letting go of their religions. Others are seeking more unconventional ways for answers (whatever that means to them, going to “readers”, having tarot card readings, their horoscope charts done.)  Whatever means they are seeking, it’s doesn’t seem to be providing the answers for them.

One thing I do see is that they are beginning to recognize that what they are seeking is not “outside” of themselves.  They experience a deep inner recognition that all of these issues and all of the confusion they are experiencing are indeed coming up from inside of themselves.  All of the past belief systems, whether they are embodied in religion, education, conventional medicine, alternative methodologies or whatever provided answers outside of themselves seem to no longer be working.

This is not to judge the past or the belief systems.  Each system and belief system has brought us to where we are now.  What is changing is the belief systems of where the answers are.  They are not outside of ourselves.  Each individual, though unique, is experiencing these same issues and the same symptoms.  They are looking for their own answers.  There is no doubt about it.  Although this shift has the appearance of being individual it is not.  This is a collective consciousness shift that is occurring.  It is a wave of conscious energy that is moving across the planet and having an affect on everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.  It is a sort of tsunami of consciousness.

Yes, we are unique individuals; however,  each of us is a collective composite of our individual creative consciousness from all of our lifetimes, experiences, belief systems, relationships, biologies, lineages, heritage, etc.  In other words everything about ourselves is embedded memory, memorization and sound in our bodies.   We are a collection of consciousness through our individual time continuum. As an individual collective of consciousness, we are a part of the collective. As we shift individually, the collective shifts.  This shift is occurring simultaneously.  How long will this shift take?  Whatever time frame in linear is required…is how long it takes.

So what is going on with these symptoms?  Are they symptomatic of our times?  They are indeed!  We are experiencing a shift in the very core of our consciousness.  It is at the very quantum level of our beingness.  So many are experiencing these upheavals in their physical and emotional bodies of consciousness.  In a metaphoric sense, it is the same as a volcanic eruption from the center of the earth.  Our earth body is feeling the upheaval.  Our core values of consciousness are challenging the belief systems and conditioning of “the way things appear as real”.  What is real and what is “real” about our idea of reality that we have been taught or programmed to believe.

Look at history, it has been written through events, but what created the events in the first place?  Yeah, yeah, we know it has something to do with the excuse that it was in the name of God.  But what is God?  Is he really a white Anglo Saxon male sitting on a throne?  Is he an idol that doesn’t look like us at all?  Is he a being from outer space?  Or is God a consciousness and energy inside of each of us.  And the bigger question is, has our God consciousness inside of us been manipulated through fear to control and manipulate us as an individual and as a group regardless of the times?  Are these symptoms related to these questions?  Are the answers related to what is underneath the upheaval of consciousness that is going on…on this planet right now?  And in the lives of my friends, clients and associates as well as myself right now is there an interlink between us in this upheaval?

It feels right to me.  It feels on track to me.  Our very core consciousness is shifting.

The very core consciousness of our questions is changing.  These physical symptoms that I have mentioned (and there are more) are only symptomatic.  They are to draw our attention to our bodies.  Our bodies hold our collective consciousness.  Our collective consciousness within us is getting our attention.  We have been programmed that our brain is our intelligence and intellect.  It is a computer.  But it is not our intelligence.  What do we do to computers?  We program them.  That is how we have been existing and living on this planet Earth for eons.  We have been programmed through our DNA, our biology and through conditioning.  It is just the way it has been.  We cannot judge it!  It just is.  The difference is now these symptoms that our bodies are manifesting have purpose.  The purpose is to get us from the “outside” to our “inside” core consciousness.

This core consciousness is Universal.  It is the Allness that connects and links each one of us to each other.  Where there is no difference, no judgment, and no fear.  What we are experiencing is the shift.  The shift is occurring not only in core, but in our core template of consciousness itself.  Because it is changing within us, it is changing the grid system around the planet Earth.  Metaphorically, this old template of separation and isolation of individual and group consciousness and participation is structurally changing.

Because of this physical structural change, the template is structurally changing from the “square” to the “circle”.   As the structure of our consciousness expands to a higher resonance which shifts your vibration of awareness, the structure of what we held in our templates as belief systems is changing as well.  As the old systems breakdown and rise through the levels of consciousness that is embedded throughout our bodies, their systems, their Chakras, the physical and emotional bodies are experiencing the symptoms of change.

Embrace these upheavals, detach from the emotions and allow yourselves to let go and release these embedded layers of consciousness, energies and belief systems that no longer serve anyone or this planet.  This is “Opportunity Time”.

The Intuitive Powers/Practical Application Course is your opportunity to direct your intentions and focus your clear consciousness to release these symptoms and heal your Self.  You will support this shift which is occurring at your cellular level in an easier, faster and more proficient way. You don’t have to live in the ramifications of the past and the programming anymore.  You now have a way to be in charge of every aspect of your life, personally and professionally.  You have a way to your answers.