What if being Spiritual means being connected to your deepest level of consciousness? What if Spirit and Spirituality mean the actualized physical expression in which you experience an experience? In Wordology is your Biology, the word SPIRIT means you spear “it”you get “it”and the “it” is Inner Truth! Trusting your Inner Truth is trusting YOU!

Spirituality is being connected to your body’s intelligence. Going out of body and leaving your body to fend for itself is not practical spirituality. You have all your answers within you. The more you travel out of your body, the more you lose connection with your Self.

The more out of focus you are, running around the ethers, the more confused you get asking questions… like… “Why am I here?”… “What is my purpose?”…”Why do I repeat patterns?”, etc., etc., etc. The more confused you get, the more you will search to find your Self “out there” whether the “out there” is in another dimension or another place on this planet. The key is staying grounded so you can travel inwardly wisely and with purpose and get your answers!

Spirituality and Spirit is being completely connection to your Self, to all the inner most aspects of who you are. Being grounded and consciously clear is the ultimate goal in your Duality 3rd Dimensional body. This is Ascension. Escaping or leaving your body is not Ascension.

Your body is the vehicle that you chose to use as the “embodiment” in which to experience life here on planet Earth. You came here to experience all the experiences you are creating moment to moment each day! In order to do that, you have to be grounded in your body. Then you can experience Duality, 3rd Dimension, and any other dimensions as long as you are clear that it is you creating these experiences as you go through your life or lifetimes in your continuum.

The clearer you are, the clearer, and more profound and practical you experience your experiences that you are creating. There is no other place to find your Self except inside of you. You have all the answers. You just have to ask your Self the questions in a correct way. You must be correct about you, your creativity and your experiences. The belief systems of right and wrong can change from eon to eon, age or stage of life. History proves the confusion that results over that right or wrong manipulative thinking. The issue is what is correct for you or not!

Always remember to ask your Self…”Are the experiences you are creating correct for you?”  Are you loving your experiences? If not, then maybe it is time to really go inside and ask your Self…”What the heck is going on?” Be exceptionally ready to accept the Truth of your answers.  Changes from the inside out bring clarity and connects you to your clear consciousness! Working from the outside “in” to get your answers can take lifetimes and sometimes you never get “it”.  Too much creativity and time is wasted. Be Truth to your Self.

The Truth is YOU are a Human and a Spirit!  Your experiences are the evidence of your Spirituality!  You are Spirit and Spirituality!