After my third Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1991, multiple dimensional experiences began to enfold for me in the most extraordinary ways. Although the journey came with what seemed each moment to be insurmountable challenges, I am completely grateful. I can in this moment, accept and appreciate the gift of my NDE’s. I know without a doubt and in complete trust, that the messages and information that I continue to receive daily, nourish and sustain my life. My life’s focus is now based on that principle.

How these incredible experiences have impacted my life have truly changed the dynamics of what “I used to think” to now what “I feel”. How and what I feel is my Truth at my core. Life is never what we “think” it is, it is what we feel without any judgments, opinions, should of’s, could of’s, would of’s, howevers, maybe’s, and so-ons!

In the past, one expression of my own physical Spirit in my body was to draw pictures of people (some pictures included the name) and other multidimensional beings. I have met many of the individuals whose pictures I have drawn and continue to draw to me. A poem was even channeled on “why”, I drew the pictures and the people to me. Channeling is not fearful, channeling is practical…and the best part you are channeling your own expanded awareness without any fear. FYI anyone you channel must fill out a resume, so you don’t get fooled. The analogy is people can fool you and “so called spirits” can fool you too. Who you channel is match, make sure you know who you’re matching.

I receive many, many “predictions” which have come to fruition. Many writings, poetry, drawings, and I know intuitively I have several more manuscripts are waiting to be published. Wondrous healing words and messages for healing on all levels, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, financial and multi-dimensional!

My expanded intuitive abilities from the 1991 NDE has allowed me to “see” inside peoples’ bodies, read the information, feel, hear, and sometimes smell the issues or dis-eases that are stuck in their physical and emotional body of consciousness, past, present and future at their cellular and core levels. Being the facilitator for my clients in their healing process is as profound for me as it is for them. Assisting them to “take back their power” (which is the title of my new book, “Take Back Your Power…YOU Becoming YOU.”)…from the old, debilitating issues that have blocked them from experiencing the fullness of life is the absolute best for me.

I love what I do, and am grateful.” Sherry Anshara

Having the ability to be a conduit for the other side, or being a medium and/or channel (my idea of being an intuitive receptionist) for my clients to release grief, sorrow and supporting them to connect to their loved ones, guides and angels is really almost impossible to describe. The experiences are just so personal, the information so revealing, and yet, so healing at the same time.
Truly remarkable!

Everyday I am grateful to have be a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Business Coach. Even working with clients around the world, whom I have never met face to face and yet to know and feel them and to be able to assist them through their emotional and physical issues to heal is unbelievably the best. I know that I do not heal anyone. But I do know that the information, the energy that is conducted through me in multiple ways, provides the ways and means during their sessions to empower them to heal themselves… if they choose it!

As a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Business Coach, everyone who has worked with me in sessions either one on one or in the courses have benefited personally and professionally. Amazing changes occur naturally and automatically in their lives. It is very difficult to describe in limited third dimensional Duality language of limitation what happens in their lives.

One of the most empowering tools is comprehending how language affects, effects, and infects our physical well-being…Wordology is your Biology! Every word that has been said to you or any words you have said impact your life. How your personal language, your Wordology is your Biology, impacts your life is up to you.

I love taking the mystery out of auras. Your aura, your electromagnetic field (science) and your bio energy field (medicine) are all the same. There is no difference. It is just …that these groups had to own what your own personal field is called. The truth is… these three labels mean the same thing…Your Field. What comes through your field is what is going on inside your body. I don’t have a problem with people reading other people’s field. The problem is when they interpret it through their own personal filters. This is the big issue in being “READ”. The reason is when it’s interpreted through someone else’s field it could impact your life in a non-positive way.

Connecting to your own aura/electromagnetic field/ bio-energy field allows you to connect to new levels of awareness within your body. You now can tap into all the information that is “stored” in the field of energy that surrounds your body from within your Self. Using your own information is both practical and provides you with information of what’s going on in your body from your inside out. Using your own body’s information as a valuable resource will tell you what’s going on.

Going beyond the fear base of the seven chakras, opens the way to the Thirteen Chakras, the energy vortices of the body that are activated for the “ascension” process of consciousness. It is an awakening to higher levels of awareness in very practical and real ways.

Each of us is a messenger, each of us is a student and each of us is a teacher. We are all things. The experiences we share are the processes of uncovering the truth, the learning to discern the truth from the illusion, and the ascension of consciousness for all of us. I love to assist in the discernment process “to find one’s own truth” and “to restore” that truth into one’s awakened body of consciousness for clarity and healing. It is profound, yet practical, enlightening, yet sensible. This is my Truth.

I am in love with what I do as a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Business Coach for my clients to participate with them to heal them Selves. I absolutely unconditionally love listening to them. Listening is a significant key. Listening comes from the heart. Hearing comes through the computer brain’s ears. Listening supports healing. Hearing supports illness.

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Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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