Sherry Anshara is an international bestselling author, professional speaker, a former radio
host of “Conscious Healing”, and contributing writer to national and international
publications on the subject of the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing & Abundance
and overall wellness. Sherry Anshara utilizes her experience and expertise as a
Medical Intuitive as the foundation of her groundbreaking work with Cellular Memory,
which she calls the Anshara Method.

Through the Anshara Method, you access your Cellular Memories which hold the root
causes of your symptoms—whether mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial.
Sherry Anshara created these systematic processes so you can rid yourself of
unwanted limitations, restrictions, negative thought patterns, and toxic behaviors.
Sherry Anshara guides you to heal at the cellular level so you enjoy health, wellness,
and abundance in every area of your life.

Listen to the conversation of Sherry Anshara and Duff Gardner as they talk coaching for success that supplements value to your modern-day and more on this episode available @
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Are you READY for 2021?

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Are YOU willing to Step into known but forgotten Multi dimensions of Your Self… IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

In this series of bi-weekly webcasts, Sherry will share with you her ‘insider secrets’ of this Shift: why it’s occurring now, what’s behind it, and how you can use it to your full advantage to Wake Up!

This is a powerful time to be using the shifting energy to fully step into the life you choose, rather than the life that chose you! Join Sherry for this ‘gathering’ for insights, inspiration and the steps to take next in this exciting time of massive awakening on planet earth.

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This is an opportunity for me to share with YOU videos, articles, practical methods, insightful techniques, and more which are easy. The best part… ALL of the information is so useful and implementable for you in your everyday life, personally and professionally.

The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance will always work for you in the best, most beneficial ways with instant results! The Best Part of this membership… It is so affordable, a small investment with continuing benefits for you each and every day. You have three exciting tiers to choose from! Make and Take this opportunity! You will be so glad you are doing it!

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Coming Attractions: As we grow, we will have every Sunday night at 5:00 PM MST on our private live FB Group Soul Full Sundays to connect with me and each other!

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