So many of us are told to get centered and grounded or to be conscious of where we are, what we are doing, and what is happening in our lives. Yet, how many of us feel off-kilter, not balanced, or not centered, and go “out of body” without being aware of it? We struggle through the day, the week, the month, and even the year…. for years!

When we are not fully aware of what is going on in our lives, we are off-balance for sure! Without any judgment of our Self in any way, there are days when all that “stuff” happens and knocks us out of balance…all that emotional “stuff” that affects, effects, and infects what is occurring around us. Sometimes we can take “it”, and sometimes we simply cannot deal with all that “stuff”. So, we find a way to cope. It can be going out of body, getting sick, or escaping in any way… and sometimes that way is death!

Right now, let’s switch out of the collective of us and bring this conversation home to you! What happens in your own life when you are “off”… when life is not happening the way you thought it was supposed to happen… when it’s not going your way and you are emotional and upset? This is the perfect scenario to be “off” in so many ways, personally and professionally. Your relationships can become stressful, and your business, job, or career can seem to be challenging without being fulfilling. Yes, it happens.

The coping mechanism that you and your body have to contend with roars to your body’s surface with behavior which can be described and judged from the outside as being selfish, self-centered, and only caring about you. Really, this is not the truth. This coping behavior resonates to propel you into the frequency of becoming the “survivor”, and you vibrate with all your energy to survive all the chaos. Many times, this non-productive behavior pattern to survive, to get through “it”, and to make it through the situation becomes a way of life. You repeat this behavior pattern over and over again. Being in the survival mode even once is caustic and energy-draining. It can make you sick.

Survival issues can get expressed in your tissues as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, and the list goes on. The emotional survival resonance can affect and infect your health and your wealth. When you are sick, isn’t it a challenge to work? Your relationships become unhealthy and non-productive. Life is overwhelming.

In this state of being overwhelmed, you can appear selfish and egotistical. Remember, it is all about survival. The “survival of the fittest” mode is re-active and non-responsive to living in healthy and productive ways. Sometimes, in order to survive another facet of this seemingly selfish behavior, it turns into a selfless pattern through self-guilt, self-shame, and self-blame. So, in order to counteract being called selfish, egotistically self-absorbed, or self-centered, you may flip the switch and take the deeper dive of survival behavior into self-sacrifice and become self-less.

What is self-less? It is becoming a survivalist invisible Self. You are less. You begin to sacrifice your life for the so-called good of others. This is not about assisting and being supportive of others. This is about sacrificing your life as the non-entity person who absorbs the problems and issues of the others in your life. Their life becomes more important than yours. You become, again and again, less… while those around you are more! The more you give in this sacrifice mode, the more you become less. Your life revolves around someone else outside of you, no matter whether this relationship is beneficial to you or not. You seek validation for your “good work” without real concern for your Self. You become Self-Less and the others outside of you become More. You are invisible to your Self and invisible even to those for whom you are sacrificing your life. They expect you to be less because you make your Self less.

“How you are treated is how you give people permission to treat you!”


Being Selfish and Self-Less does not support you, your life, your relationships, or anything about your life to be healthy in any way. They are both about sacrificing your Self in one way or another. Selfish is pushing people away in your life. Self-Less is diminishing your Self with people in your life. In both cases, it is sacrificing your Self.

What is Centered in Self? Centered in Self is being balanced, focused, directed and clear about your Self. You are not hooked emotionally to past experiences, situations, or events that have taken place in your life. You are completely in the moment. You realize with “real eyes” that you are the conscious creator of your life and of all your experiences. Being Centered in Self is neither Selfish nor Self-Less in any aspects of your life.

“Knowing at my deepest knowing I cannot change the past…

the past is one second ago and the future is one second from now

and I change my future by not dragging my past forward where it no longer serves me.”

– Sherryism

Being Centered in Self is being Power Full and Power Filled! Here is the point…“force” is the Selfish You trying, trying, and trying to force someone to see it your way. Self-Less is you giving up your Power to someone else, some group, and/or some way that forces you to be or do something that does not serve you. You give in to be less for the “them”, whoever he, she, or they are!

Being Centered in Self is YOU determining how your life is every moment in every day in a kind, loving way. Being Centered in Self is heart-based. Your heart is your most expansive resonance in your body. Being Centered in your heart-based Self, you become unlimited in how you create, participate, and how you are involved in your life.

Being Centered in Self is creating and having loving relationships without the traumas and the dramas. Being Centered in Self supports both your personal and professional life to be full filled. Being Centered in Self is you completely comprehending that you are the creator of your own life. In this stance on life, people know where you stand. This does not mean you are hard or inflexible. It means that you are loving, flexible, and involved in all that you are being and doing. Your beingness naturally creates your doingness!

When you are Centered in Self, there are no reasons to have regret, guilt, or shame about anything.

“You did the best and worst you could, with what you knew and didn’t know…

And it is mostly what you didn’t know at that time.

Don’t hold on to the past!”

– Sherryism

Being Centered in Self is freeing. In this state of beingness, you are being authentic. You don’t have to explain your Self. In this state of consciousness, you know who you are. Is this a process? Of course, Rome was not built in a day, but it got built. And remember, it also got destroyed many times because of the Selfishness and Self-Lessness of whomever!

Being Centered in Self is a progressive process of learning about your Self minus the judgment. You recognize how you are participating in life, and you can now choose how you participate or not, without wronging or judging anyone else. You are living and creating in your own TRUTH!

What is your Truth? Your Truth is guided by your heart. It is how you feel and not what you thinky thinky of your Selfish and Self-Less ways that are based on always surviving and sacrificing your Self. Being Centered in Self is never having to repeat any relationship, situation, or event ever again that never did serve you. Being Centered in Self is definitely being in charge of your life! You do NOT have to explain or excuse your Self as to how and why you create your life to anyone. Why? Because you are heart-based…first for your Self and then for others! You are ALIVE, no longer surviving.

Being Centered in Self is the way to create your purposes in life. You don’t have just one purpose. You have many! Each moment, each day, each week, each month, and each year belong to you. They provide you with opportunities to experience life as you create the experiences you are choosing to experience in your life. This is being Centered in Self… in full purposes, in full participation in every way… personally and professionally.

Embrace your Centeredness. Embrace your Purposes. Embrace your Life by Embracing your Full of Life Centered in Self Beingness!

Sherry Anshara, Medical Intuitive

Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing & Abundance

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