Ever wonder why it is so easy to remember the bad stuff? There are viable reasons. For one thing there are more negative words in the English language than there are positive ones. The don’t’s, the not’s, the no’s, the can’t’s, the shouldn’t’s, the words that are not very support. These words take away and suppress your imagination. For that matter, can you imagine a conversation which did not include these words? How amazing a conversation which only included positive, support words…yes, you can do it, you have what it takes, you are the best, go for it! A much different frequency and vibration to get your imagination into action.

Another unreasonable reason for remembering the bad stuff is to tell the emotional story! Allow your Self to imagine your conversation that included sharing your experience or experiences with someone instead of the long, drawn out emotional story of what happened to you. Or what some else did to you to victimize you. The story is always emotional and always, always attached to some experience in the past which gives the explanation of how awful something was or how awful the thing that happened to you. The more awful the story, the more emotional the story and the more negative the frequency. The pattern of the words and conversation vibrates back and forth between you and the other person or persons in very negative ways. The story rarely is based on facts, but on the emotional attachment to the right and wrong of the experience.

The negative words become so embedded you may not realize how negative your words sound or how they affect you and those around you. Look around your Self. Ever shrink away from that person that you know that makes you feel bad after a conversation. Well, that person could be you to someone else. Think about that!

The reason it is easier to remember the bad stuff, is because of the words you use, the reference points that the words trigger to the past bad stuff and the vibration of the words that send out that resonate to a low based frequency. When this happens it is draining, exhausting and debilitating to everyone involved in the conversation.

The point is, the past is the past. The experiences in the past are experiences in the past.

You had some great experiences in the past. By acknowledging them, you will feel a difference in the frequency and vibration that you body naturally resonates to them. You will feel good. When you change the frequency and vibration of your words from negative to positive, you will uplifted, happier and have much deeper conversations. The bad stuff in the past will dominate your conversation or be a continuously repeated story.

Speak the words that make you feel good. You will then remember the good stuff. Share the good stuff so others can remember their good stuff too. Be positive and you will be positive. Choose your words wisely and wise you will be!