The platforms now, without any judgment, are in so many forms, formulas, and formations of the evolution of Artificial Intelligence on this planet Earth. As a “reviewer of history” in my own life, the word artificial is not a new “thing”, concept, idea or evolution at all. Look back, in this current moment, and see there are a lot of “events” in human evolution that at the time were artificial to the belief systems of Duality, the limitations of consciousness at a particular or given time in history.  

What does this mean? It means that a person, predominately the male or men had an idea that would “change the world at that particular given time or time frame. This is not female bashing or gender bashing. This is a fact! There were, for sure, some incredible women who changed the course of our history too!

Sticking to the facts makes it so much easier to get to the core and the facts. Again and again, NEO Non-Emotional Observer. We can read history, review history, and talk about history. However, in the vein of Observer, Non-Emotionally, we can, in fact, a sort of time travel, to review, as though watching a movie, to “see” what was going on in that time line.

What were people doing? How were they communicating? How were they getting around?  How were they participating? The questions are endless. That’s a good thing. The more questions you ask, the more you learn. 

This article is not about history lessons. This is about the evolution of the intelligence of a human, who came up with an idea that “changed the world. It is not only the idea of a revolutionary product or products, a new machine, a new way to travel, a more convenient way of doing something, but a revolutionary way of “being”. A new way, not necessarily driven by a product, of being, teaching, sharing, and creating a new paradigm of thought. 

A new paradigm of thought that changed everything for a person, a group, a country and established a new form of being different. This is the evolution of your inner human Natural Intelligence.

This is not judging or wronging artificial intelligence in any way. Look just at the idea of cars or automobiles, many resisted. Yes, they did. They loved their horses. These gadgets would not last. Look what happened cars have “horsepower”! A way of measurement from the language of the old instilled in the new. People were comfortable with horses, so fantastic marketing… cars have “horsepower”. Getting the idea or ideas!

So, what is natural, and what is artificial? Using the advent of cars or automobiles, they were at the time “artificial” to the populace. Artificial! Yet, this artificial mode of transportation changed lives, changed the way everyone traveled, and the way families vacationed. Just the way this artificial product, created by many people, changed the face of the earth!

This is must one simple and yet complicated example through the history of humans where some idea, or concept that was not “natural” at the time changed the course of history. In the case of war, from slingshots with rocks to airplanes with bombs to propel an object to “kill”!

Artificial ways to kill, not as much hand-to-hand combat, not that this does not happen now.

This way is in the structure of the human left computer brain how to do this!

Again, this is not about building cars or building ways to kill each other, though these are forms that came out as artificial methods to do what they are supposed to do. So, what is the point of this article? The point is… it is the NI within everyone at all times. What is this NI?

NI is everyone’s Natural Intelligence within the human body at the Cellular Level of Evolved Consciousness. In this Natural Intelligence, using the “whole” brain in your head as the way to organize what you are creating, implementing, manifesting, and actualizing, makes all the difference in “your own personal and professional world” of life.

This NI, this Natural Intelligence within the body that is not stuffed up with emotions or the emotional challenges of the Duality Limitations Programs that plague the human Soul on a daily basis. Yes, every day!

Through these emotional charges, they are electrical charges, in your Duality Left Computer Brain that “charges” through your whole body, a resonance that lowers your resilience to life. This is a blocker of your creativity, productivity, and your life. These emotional changes affect, effect, and infect all aspects of your life and life on this planet. 

Wars, whether personal, familial, business, professional, groups, states, nations, and countries, the proverbial you can count on this “artificial non-intelligent” way of life. This way of life is not natural to you or anyone. War in any form is not natural, especially the war that goes on inside you and or any of us because of these Duality Programs. More times than not centered on not being good enough!

This is the Evolution of Consciousness now. This is the time to reveal, tap into, allow, embrace, and use your own NI. Your own personal, one on one, activation of your Natural Intelligence.  This Natural Intelligence of yours supports you in this all natural, all organic form of your Evolution of Consciousness from your inside out… YOUR NATURAL INTELLIGENCE!

Let’s imagine what this world would be like. Be your own personal paradigm shifter. Allow, give your Self permission to become your own NI Natural Intelligence! Yes, this is a process. Let this process be your own inner Progressive Process from the very core of you, your life’s essence, and your Soul together!

You are not artificial. You are the Natural Intelligence of creativity from the beginning of you.  You just forgot the real essence of your Soul. Now is the time to remember. Remembering is the first giant step. Your Cellular Memory is who you are. You are not the Cellular Memorizations of all the Duality, in every language on this planet, of limitations, war, recycle bins of trauma dramas, illness, the same in different labels of names, diseases, and dysfunctions.

All these sidetracks, all these distractions taking YOU away from YOU! This is the time of Conscious Evolution from your inside out! This is your TIME NOW! 

Your innate Natural Intelligence is your Self, your Heart, your Soul, your Spirit in unison!”
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