This statement is so profound. Especially now, and then, and when unexplainable things happen that are so destructive and do not honor life! Yet when life is honored, amazing experiences occur naturally through the creative process of everyone involved from the inside out! To make a difference is to “make a difference” in how we all live our lives, experience life together, and make differences in each other’s lives. These differences are made in the most incredible ways.

Love sharing how incredible ways we can together affect and effect without infecting others in your life. The key is being on purpose with the purposes of connecting with each other in the most productive, make sense ways in which everyone “wins”! The wins are practical, influential, make sense ways for everyone involved.

Love sharing this example. A person, David Cogan ten years ago had an idea.  This idea has grown, exploded in the most remarkable, realistic, and practical ways. Through his creativity, perseverance, purpose-driven focus, and directions, yes plural, yes directions, he established a group called Eliances.

In this group, Eliances, which is now global, is where “Entrepreneurs Align”! This is not a usual networking group of passing out business cards. This is a group of remarkable entrepreneurs that “align” with each other for both their personal and professional lives. The word align means connection!

With this expressed, as each person and persons who are in alignment with themselves and each other, the real practical magic happens. They become more successful, and success filled as they share their knowledge, their expertise, and their focus to assist each other in ways beyond measure!

At the beginning of these meetings of alignment, David Cogan always shares wisdom about life, his children, and his knowledge. At a recent meeting, he expressed this profound statement to everyone who participates online or in person. He stated… ”You don’t own anything! It’s on borrowed time, whether that time is here or somewhere else!”

Let’s consider how profound his statement is. Not just profound yet so practical.  In a clear conscious perspective, which is based on facts, that we really do, indeed, not own anything. And in this statement of now owing everything, it puts this “perspective” of facts right in front of us.

Not owning anything, especially our fears, our possessions, especially our family, our friends, or anything of what we think we own. Now consider this again!!! By detaching as NEO Non-Emotional Observer and observing life around us, you and all of us begin to see what is really important and what is really really really of “importance” to all of our lives.

Yes, possessions are wonderful. However, if you, or me or any of us are so “possessed” by possessions, a loss happens. This loss is not natural. It is unnatural. This loss is the disconnection of connections to what makes all our lives, alive! It is this natural, human connection without ownership that comes through the human real brain, the heart!

As we together, and individually become more connected to our Selves through our hearts, not through that Duality left ½ computer brain that establishes “ownership”, we cause dis-aligned with our Selves, with each other and with life itself. Doesn’t make sense in any way, especially about LIFE!

Ownership is “con”trolling”! Ownership is Lack. Ownership is being possessed by possessions. This is the real disconnected possession through fear. There are only three fears of Duality of all the categories of fear. Self-Judgment, Self-Lack and Self-Take Away from our Selves and each other. 

As we judge our Selves, individually and each other, that we Lack something, we all end up Taking Away some one, some thing, some somethings away from our Selves and each other. This happens individually and collectively with ourselves and each other! Disconnected connections that are fear based, don’t make sense and are based upon “ownership” of my way of the highway.

Let’s get on the same path. First with our Selves and then with each other. Not in ownership of each other. Especially in ownership of possessions. Having, caring, embracing, and recognizing all the things in every form, family, friends, homes, cars, artwork, business, buildings, anything in any form of things are gifts.

Look at all the gifts you have given your Self, given to each other, and shared.  Not owned. Connected and connections through the gift of relationships, first with Self and then with each other.

Through sharing this connectedness which starts inside of you, everything and all of us is possible which becomes the potential that occurs in the realness of what you and everyone is creating together. No Ownership. Connection and Connectedness is the gift of life. Sharing this connectedness is what life is all about!

“What we all do is on the best borrowed time, whether that time is here or somewhere else!” David Cogan, Founder of Eliances

Don’t waste your time on ownership. Be present in the moment whatever the time is. Let go of ownership and be in partnership with your Self, with each other and with life. This is the practical magic of wealth, prosperity and abundance created through you, and all of us together.

You have a choice Ownership Disconnections or Connected Connections!”
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