“Relationship” is a key element for experiencing life through connections.  Without a relationship or relationships…how would you define your Self? 

Though you are an amazing individual, consider what your life would be like without the connection of relationships.  Would you feel lonely?…isolated?…separate?…and/or different?  Could this already be how you define certain aspects of your Self?  So much pressure is placed upon everyone to find that perfect relationship that will define one’s success or failure in life.  Perhaps it was never about success or failure but about really “seeing” how you define your Self

Your primary relationship is your relationship with YOU.  You begin defining this relationship through the first connections you encounter…which are with your parents.  The minute the sperm hits the egg…you are “in”…ready to experience life from your mother’s womb.  From that very minute of conception, you are experiencing life through these first parental connections. 

If your parents are fearful, you, most likely, will be filled with fear.  So, this means if your parents are experiencing lack and judgment of themselves, you will be imprinted with these ideas from the inception of you. These imprinted unconscious fears influence and affect your health, behaviors, and your relationships throughout the course of your life.  Without blame, remember that your parents did the best and worst with what they knew and didn’t know.   

If you are conceived through a trauma drama of denial or abandonment, whatever your parents experience begins to define how you experience relationships.  If you seem to have trust issues, this could be the origination point of those issues

If, however, your parents are open and recognize the importance of their connections to themselves, each other, and you during your “womb” time, you are wondrously blessed with opportunities to evolve in an involved relationship with your parents and your Self.  

Your body has stored the cellular experiences.  So, your body is where resolution must come in order to have a solution.  Your computer brain is too limited to connect the dots for complete answers and achievable results. That’s why you stay stuck in the story in your head and experience repeated dysfunctional relationships. When you are stuck in a non-productive role filled with Self-fears of judgment, lack, not good enough, not smart enough, etc., you will “draw” to you, in the Law of Distraction, the same relationship profiles into your life…over and over again.

What can you do?  Look at your relationships from a factual standpoint.  A clear relationship with your Self, your body, and connecting to your cellular memory and your imprinted experiences will give you clear answers.  You will “know” that some of your fears, some of your ideas about relationships, some of your re-cycled, non-productive behaviors in relationships are not yours but an emotional version of someone else’s idea about life

You can extricate your Self from non-productive relationships.  When your body and your heart feel sick, it is definitely time to move onward and forward in your life. 

Get in a heart-based, loving relationship with your Self.  Clear, kind, and loving relationships all begin with being clear, kind, and loving to your Self regardless of the unchangeable past. You deserve to have supportive, loving, and connected relationships.  Whether defined as personal or professional, family, friends or co-workers, all relationships begin with you.

Remember…Stay in your heart.  Heart-to-heart is the only place for real relationships to begin and grow.  Be open to new opportunities to develop relationships that are compatible and on the same wave length as the New Clear You.  And most importantly…Enjoy Your Self!

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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