The Anshara Method is the tool to utilize these terms in your life in clear, practical ways and terms to be the creator God that you are.

Cellular Memory – You are like an IPOD constantly being uploaded, downloaded, and imprinted.  In other words, you are being imprinted and “impressed” with information from the minute the sperm hit the egg and you are in!!!  Cellular Memory is all of this information stored in your body imprinted through every experience you have ever had in this lifetime and in your continuum.  Your computer/brain may not remember an event, situation or experience, yet your body always does.  Cellular Memory is the greatest gift to assist you to “remember” all that you have created in your life and lifetimes.  Being Conscious is the Key. Through the guidance and tools of the Anshara Method you become powerfully conscious.

Frequency and Vibration – Everything has a frequency and vibration and that includes you.  If you resonate to something, someone, some group, some idea, some religion, some philosophy, you are on the same wavelength.  When you are, it works. When you are not, it does not work.  The question to ask is…“Do I connect or not?”  If you don’t, either get more information or move in another direction.  This is particularly important in a relationship, a job, or a group you are joining.  Another question to ask is…“What vibes am I sending out?”  Remember…what you send out is what you attract to you.  Two laws apply here.  You can choose The Law of Attraction or The Law of Distraction!  Which frequency and vibration do you resonate with?  This is an important key in how your life works or not!  Through the Anshara Method you learn what frequencies and vibrations you resonate with.  If you don’t resonate, you do not have to participate. You make clear choices instead of repeated emotional decisions that may have previously been made for you without your clear conscious consent. 

Bands/Strings – Astrophysicist Michio Kaku has a theory that at the molecular level we have “strings” that vibrate.  The truth is they are “bands” which connect you to everything. These “bands” also connect people and experiences to you as well.  Therefore whatever wavelength your “bands” or “strings” resonate, you experience life is a particular way.  Be very clear what your bands are saying as you send them out.  If you are unaware, especially if you are running Dualistic Fear Programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away Programs, your life will express what you are running in your bands or strings.  When you are clearly conscious, what you draw to your Self is clear, fulfilling, fun and creative in all areas of your life.  If you are caught up in strings or bands that are dysfunctional…such as issues with money, relationships, career, etc…then “cut” the strings, unhook the bands.  Remember, the more conscious you are, the more effective your life is.  Don’t be affected by the effect of dysfunctional strings or bands.  When you are clear of what you are sending out, your life become more prosperous, more abundant, more affluent because of the influence of your strings or bands.  The Anshara Method assists you to connect to the bands or strings that support you to be in your Power and to “cut” the bands and strings to anyone and anything that are not viable to you.  When others are involved, it doesn’t mean you are “cutting” them out of your life, though you can.  What is occurring is you are not emotionally and dysfunctionally connected or “hooked” to the trauma dramas. You have a practical sense of the freedom to be your Self.

Consciousness  – Your consciousness is the aggregate of all your experiences in your time continuum along your timelines.  However because of Duality, the over and over again manipulated grip of the do- over programming of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation, you get trapped through your computer/brain through the “times” of societal manipulations through your timelines and you “forget”.  Your computer/brain can be your best ally or your worst enemy.  When you use your computer/brain as a tool to organize information, the intelligence of your body is in charge.  If your computer/brain runs your life, you simply repeat the same “stuff” regardless of your clothes (costumes), time, place, and people.  It is the same!  As you live your life or lives only through your computer/brain gripped through the emotional frequency and vibration of Duality, you cannot connect to your clear cellular memory of consciousness.  You are unconscious! Your clear cellular memory and your clear consciousness go hand in hand to Take Back Your Power and create your life without the depowering “force” of Duality’s Fear Programs of Judgment, Lack and Take-Away.  Clear consciousness, individually and together collectively, frees you and everyone from Duality’s fear-based programming.  This is the “Paradigm Shift” in action!

Unconsciousness – Simply consider your body as your house, which houses your boxes of rooms of your Duality Belief Systems which are run by the attic or crawl space… your computer/brain.  Your basement or garage is your Sub-Consciousness.  You know it has to be cleared out.  Periodically you do! Yet, again and again it gets cluttered with Self-judgment through your life or time continuum.  You get caught up in Duality’s emotional trauma dramas.  Through your Sub-Consciousness you re-tell your stories of victimhood, less than, not good enough, etc., etc., etc., over and over again.  You can’t get to the core.  Becoming NEO, Non-Emotional Observer, you can now access, in a frequency and vibration of clarity, your Unconscious Consciousness at your cellular level within your body to see the magnificence of your creativity throughout your life and continuum.  Truly you can appreciate all that you have created without judging any of it. Now you are in a position to Take Back Your Power and be the God Creator that you are regardless of the Dualistic Programming.  You become a Paradigm Shifter. What was previously unconscious is now your Power to create your life as you choose your life to be.

Neuronets – Through Candace Pert’s brilliant research, she discovered that when an experience occurs in your life, especially a trauma drama, it imprints the experience in your computer/brain.  You have established a Neuronet. This imprinted Neuronet becomes a pattern of behavior that can affect your life over and over again, even throughout your continuum.  It is a form of your Cellular Memory.  For example, if you are victimized at a particular age, especially in childhood, the Neuronet in your brain has established this victim frequency and vibration with which you learn to resonate. During your experiences, you can unconsciously create and re-create situations, events or experiences that “resonate” to you being a victim.  This original Neuronet of victimhood will re-fire at any age or stage of your life predicated on a happening that is occurring at a particular time.  Your computer/brain does cannot discern time as you might “think” it does.  When there is a familiar frequency and vibration that resonates to your victimhood belief system, whenever it was established at the origination point, the Neuronet re-fires, your computer/brain resonates, and you have just re-created a newer version of your original victimization.  It does not have to be this way. Through the tools of the Anshara Method you can free your Self from the Dualistic Fear Programs.

Imprinting – The minute the sperm hits the egg, you are in your current lifetime.  Just as before in your continuum, you begin a new opportunity to work through the scripts you wrote to become Conscious. Conscious is the goal and objective anytime in your continuum.  The imprinting becomes your Cellular Memory or your Cellular Memorization in your current lifetime.  Your entire body records the experiences you are experiencing, even if you are not Conscious, to know what is happening in your body.  The more you are programmed by the Dualistic Programs of Fear, the more difficult it is to comprehend what is being imprinted in you as a belief system, or Duality’s B.S. Programs.  Without judging your Self, this is what happens throughout your continuum…you are imprinted over and over again.  As this occurs, and as you “buy” into the Duality Programs of Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation, you get further and further away from your own script. The script you wrote in the “in-between” times is actually to become Conscious and in charge of your life and your creativity.  As the Duality programs are imprinted in you, you get further and further away from your own Self and your own Power to create your life as you choose to create.  At the Anshara Center Consciousness, we provide you with the tools to discern the imprinting.  Does the imprinting serve you or not?  In Duality it is labeled past life regressions.  The question is…“Why regress?”  And you cannot do this in an altered state of hypnosis, drugs or programming.  The more Conscious you are, the more clear is the information.  Through the Anshara Method, it is your Time Continuum Accessibility.  You are clearly Conscious, witnessing your experiences as NEO, Non-Emotional Observer, and getting all of your information.  You are freeing your Self from Duality…becoming a Conscious Creator, in charge of your life, living and creating in your Power and creating Newness.  Newness is now up to you and your clear, deliberate consciousness!