Quantum entanglement lies at the heart of quantum physics and future quantum technologies. This phenomenon reveals itself on incredibly tiny, subatomic scales. When two particles, such as photons or electrons, become entangled, they remain connected even when separated by vast distances. Much like a ballet or tango that emerges from the connection between individual dancers, entanglement arises from the connection between particles. This is what scientists refer to as an emergent property.

The Nature of Quantum Entanglements


Consider this: even when separated by time and space, two particles or individuals full of molecules, particles, and cells remain connected. This connection, known as an emergent property, is fascinating. Could this be the key to understanding various kinds of entanglements, whether personal or professional? Family, friends, frenemies, and enemies all connect regardless of time, becoming properties of each other. However, the challenge with this property entanglement is that it is often unconscious, and not evident most of the time.

From the perspective of a Non-Emotional Observer (NEO), this view is expansive. Think about how you or anyone else gets “stuck in the past” in relationships, whether personal or professional. Consequently, consider being “imprisoned” in your physical energetic field of dysfunctional connections, without judgment. Your Duality-based left computer brain has no concept of time, leading to what could be termed karma, lessons, and reincarnation—the Do-Over relationships, the Entanglements!

Relating to Entanglements

Can you relate to feeling disconnected yet connected in your time continuum? This isn’t about other timelines or past lives, though those are considerations. Instead, let’s stick to this life and timeline. What happens when you move on from a situation, relationship, job, or place you lived, yet remain non-productively attached to something that is “physically” over?

In Quantum Entanglements, you are always physically, and potentially caught up in the emergent property action of the past. This connection can keep you stuck in a past relationship, situation, event, or experience that is truly over. Nevertheless, there remains a connection of stuckness.

Cutting the Bands of Entanglements

Without judgment, viewing Quantum Entanglements non-emotionally could help establish a “cutting of these bands” or entanglements that are no longer relevant in your life. This detachment isn’t about judging yourself or anyone else. Instead, it’s about realizing, with your own “real eyes,” that you don’t have to be burdened with these Quantum Entanglements, whether unconsciously or consciously.

Quantum Leap to Resolution

This might be a Quantum Leap—leap out of a timeline or timelines of past experiences and become “complete.” We call this process Resolution. In Duality, there is always a focus on solutions. Yet often, the physical and emotional issues in your body’s tissues remain unresolved. The missing link is RESOLUTIONS—resolving the issues in your body’s tissues and your Duality “controlled” left computer brain. Your Free Agent is RESOLUTIONS. You cannot change the past (it is one minute ago), but you can change the future (it is one second from now). This is your way out of Quantum Entanglements!

Owning Yourself

Ownership of oneself is essential! Not for rent or on sale, each person is the owner of their emerging property every minute. Building on this property—the body—from the inside out allows for the creation of life through personal creativity. Living in the moment, making the moment, and creating life is a continuous process.

Now, you understand how Quantum Entanglements work for or against you! How you consciously choose to participate in the moment is your focus. You can avoid getting caught up in a net of Quantum Entanglements that are no longer relevant to you and your life.

Final Thoughts

Remember: Keep what serves you, expand upon it, and cut the bands to the Quantum Entanglements that are not part of your current timeline. Be amazed as you establish your bands and send out messages from within yourself. Clear consciousness is your Quantum Gift to yourself!



You can’t change the past, it is one minute ago… you can change your future and it is one second from now!”

Sherry Anshara “Sherryism”