Mainstream Americans are now choosing alternative methods of healing. This is a new paradigm of healthcare or wellness.  As the consciousness of healing is changing regarding how healing occurs in the body, conventional medical practitioners are beginning to recognize and acknowledge that there is a definite synergy and interlink between the physical body, the emotions, the mind, the spirit and the soul.   The healing process must occur on all levels of consciousness in the body.  This connection can no longer be ignored.

In order to heal on all levels, you must be completely “involved” in your healing process.  In this place, you empower yourself as an active participant and you do not give up your healing process to someone else. Then those individuals with whom you participate in your healing process can support you effectively and efficiently as you get well, regardless of the methodologies that you choose; conventional, alternative or a combination. The old paradigm of healing is in treating the symptoms.  The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing & Abundance supports you to seek the core cause of your illness at your cellular level.

Illness is a consciousness and is created from your unconscious.  This is not a judgment that you did something wrong by creating an illness, but rather that your illness is simply a result of not understanding how you created it in the first place.  There are many reasons, too numerous to mention in this article, of how and why illness is created but, nonetheless, illness is self-created.  Again, this statement is not coming from judgment.  It is meant for you to look at illness from different perspectives other than causes from outside of yourself.

The old paradigm makes everything outside of you responsible for your life, whether it be illness, health, happiness or misery. Your expansion of awareness provides you with the opportunities to recognize that within your life… wellness, illness, happiness or misery, is up to you!   You can make your own choices that are best for you.

Your body is your infinite intelligence and intellect.  Your body stores all of the information about you as cellular memory, memorization and the sound equated to the experiences that you have created.  This is your quantum cellular level of consciousness. Underneath the layers of fear and programming, deep within your body, is a clear space of awareness that embodies the essence of your truth.  This space is not embedded with the programs of fear. In your higher consciousness you can access your unlimited potential to create newness in your life and a future not based on your past issues.

As a physical body, you are a composite of all levels of your consciousness.  Now is the perfect time to become aware of your Self on all these levels. A first step is to realize that your mind is not your brain.  Your brain is a computer run by your master ego. The ego only knows how to re-create from the old programming. The second step is to recognize that your higher consciousness is the implementer and manifestor of new creativity. Your higher self is not concerned with repeating the patterns of the fears and the programming that is not relevant to evolving your consciousness.

Some of the fear programming is embedded in your DNA. Though it is individual to you, your DNA is part of the collective consciousness from the decade in which you were born. An example, during the 1950’s the Baby Boomers were born into a collective consciousness of… if you didn’t talk about it, it simply didn’t exist.  It is evident from the emotional issues and illnesses of the Baby Boomers that this collective consciousness impacted their lives as well as their children’s lives. This is not to blame or fault this collective consciousness, but only to recognize it for its influence.  In the healing process at the cellular level, it is to release that part of the consciousness that is no longer relevant.

Each decade, each century, each eon, embodies a collective consciousness that influenced the people that lived at that time. In reincarnation or karma programs, you continue to carry the memories from all those times.  In the Quantum level of healing, you have the opportunity and choice to release any and all consciousness that is no longer relevant to your life.   Why continue to hold in your body what no longer is applicable in your life?

Your biology programming is the predisposition of what you inherited through your lineage.  You are influenced, whether conscious or not, far beyond seven generations!  This may be a predisposition to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. You have the ability to heal these predispositions at the cellular level of your consciousness. Through conscious intention to release this programming you can heal yourself.  It works!

The conditioning programs that impact you each and every day can be heinous or wonderful, depending upon the outside influences of your parents, peer groups, etc.  Every experience regardless of the frame in your time continuum (past, present and future), influences your life, right here, right now.

You are not only a composite of programming.  You are a compilation of experiences and influences.  You are layers of consciousness.  So, if your life is not working in your idea, then go into your consciousness at your cellular level and let go of what is not working for you, even illness. You have the ability to change your consciousness and your health.

Everything about you is the expression of your consciousness through the use of your energy and your energy field that is projected from you.  Therefore, how you conceive your life, wellness or illness, is based upon the foundation of your consciousness whether you are clear about yourself or in fear of life.  How you process your illness or wellness is in direct correlation to how you process your awareness.  You are not in the process.  You are the creator of the process – aware of it or not.  Every expression of your energy and your consciousness, be it your words, your actions or behaviors, are propelled from within you to your outside world by the energy of your consciousness.

Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance supports you to understand at your cellular level that you are the creative process of your life.  It’s “your choice” to create wellness or illness.  It’s up to you.

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