By Sherry Anshara

As you look back through your journey, please begin to appreciate the role of your Childish Adult Ego. As you become conscious and move forward creating your life as you consciously choose it, you can’t forget your old friend, your Childish Adult Ego. Your Childish Adult Ego made it possible for you to survive your trauma dramas, your troublesome relationships, and all those trials and tribulations when you were not that conscious. No blame here or anywhere.

As you expand your full awareness and grow up consciously, you are in a sense putting your Childish Adult Ego out of a job. So, honor that amazing aspect of your Self that provided the venues for you to survive all that “stuff”. Although you stuffed the stuff many times, you can honor your personal Childish Adult Ego for taking it all personal, for elevating your blood pressure, and for intensifying all the physical and emotional re-actions you experienced. Your Childish Adult Ego was doing his or her job by helping you to survive.

Recognize that without your unconscious Childish Adult Ego, you would not have made it through those challenging times. Again, as you become more aware of who you are and how you create your life, you no longer need your Childish Adult Ego to keep you in the survival mode.

Let’s see…how can you honor your Childish Adult Ego? Well… Academy Award Time, Emmy, Best Commercial Break between Trauma Dramas, Best Make-up in a Trauma Drama, Best Leading and even Supporting Roles, excellence in script writing and set design, whenever and wherever you set your Self up in the trauma drama. There are so many ways to recognize the roles of your Childish Adult Ego for helping you to survive. Hooray for your Childish Adult Ego, but now on to the real phases of life.

You do NOT require to survive. You require to LIVE a healthy life. You deserve to create your life consciously and move forward each and every day of your life…creating exquisite newness. Your life belongs to you as a conscious sentient being. Your Childish Adult Ego grows up, and you become the Clear Conscious Creator of your life, minus the trauma dramas, using your energy in very productive and positive ways. Your life is how you choose it. You are unlimited! So choose wisely, participate clearly, and enjoy the roads you choose.