Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone at any age or stage of life, adults, teenagers and even children.  PTSD is caused by a physically and emotionally shocking experience(s) entrenched with overwhelming stress and fear.  At the time the experience is happening, the body’s reaction to fight or flight can not always be processed normally because of extreme extenuating circumstances.  Whatever age or stage of life that the abuse or trauma is experienced, the person is affected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  This all goes hand in hand in very non-productive ways.  All aspects of the persons’ life, their families, their co-workers and associates are affected by PTSD.

During these highly emotional experiences, the individual simply does not always have the experience to experience the experience. Therefore, the trauma becomes embedded at the cellular level of consciousness.  Without the resources to understand what is happening to the body, the emotions are stuffed down.  The body becomes stressed. 

When the emotional and physical aspects of the issues are suppressed, anxiety and depression becomes the ‘norm”.  When family members, friends or associates can not “see” anything wrong, the individual suffering from PTSD, can’t explain what is happening inside of them  The person feels a loss of his or her own personal power.  The individual feels invalidated, which only makes the anxiety and depression deepen. This is worse than a Catch-22.  Everyone is caught up in the issue.

In these instances, the individual tries to deal with a difficult situation.  Many times the individual ignores the symptoms, fearful of being labeled a mental case.  Disregarding what is happening or has happened in the past, the body’s physiology and nervous system are challenged. The body and the brain can not deal with the situation.  When the distressing conditions continue to occur, the person becomes disconnected from Self, especially when the situation is abusive.  Abuse is both physical and emotional and stays embedded as Cellular Memory.  

Soldiers under continuing wartime trauma to include life and death situations, under nerve-racking mental strain and overpowering fear, are simply not able to relax or allow their bodies and minds to recover from physical and emotional stresses.  In this current time, PTSD is an epidemic among the soldiers described as Combat Operational Stress. There are three clusters of PTSD Symptoms:  1. Re-experiencing – Flashbacks,  2. Avoidance – Disconnected from self and others, 3. Hyper-Arousal – Always on guard, anger. 

With the Anshara Method a progressive process is offered to those suffering from PTSD, whether military or civilian.  By accessing the cellular memory information without re-experiencing the trauma allows the individual to change the “what” of the experience by understanding the “Why” of it.  The history of the experience can not be changed.  What can be changed is the emotional and physical attachment to the event(s). 

By acknowledging the physical connections of the traumas to the body and understanding the subsequent dysfunctional behaviors associated with the situation, the emotional and physical traumas can be released at the cellular level without reliving the experience.  As the non-emotional observer (NEO), the individual is able to move forward and live a positive, productive life. This is more than hope, there is resolution.  Now a solution can happen.

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