By allowing your healing journey to be practical, you can focus and direct your road to becoming healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.  The reason is these five words at the core of your being mean the same thing.  If one is off, then all these aspects of you can become disconnected from each other within your core being-ness.

When you have emotional attachments to past incidents and can’t get over them mentally, you can become physically ill with symptoms like depression, anxiety and stress. The more you hold on to these past situations, conscious or not, since the past cannot be changed, you lower your immune system and your body gets sick.  Your computer thinky-thinky brain does not know what time it is.  It is stuck in a time warp and your body has to go along with it, lowering your resistance and challenging your immune systems.

As you continue to hold on to the incidents of the unchangeable past, you disconnect your Self from your connection to Spirit, the Universe, Source, God, however you describe your spiritual connection. The simple reason is because you are too much in your head.  You are disconnected from your heart.  Your heart is your highest vibrational frequency and vibration in your body.  When you only stay in your head/computer brain, you lose your spiritual connection to your Self, disconnecting your Self from your idea of source.

How does financial show up in your picture of life when you are emotionally drained? You become physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. It is a challenge to work, grow your business or do what you must do to be financially successful.  You victimize your Self.  Self-sabotage can override your inherent natural abilities to be healthy and prosperous.

So the keys are to stay out of your head, use your computer brain to organize information for you, and stop thinky-thinking!  Focus on what you require to do.  Stay out of your story!  Don’t drag the past forward into your everyday life.

Here are some practical tips:

  1. Become NEO – the Non Emotional Observer
  2. Take Charge of your Life – Let go of Control
  3. Be responsible for every aspect of your life
  4. Practice “Being” more and “doing’ less
  5. Connect to your passion
  6. Awaken your Creativity
  7. Be more playful
  8. Live your life from your heart

Give life your all. Take the steps and get involved in your own personal conscious evolution. Become healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.  Who knows what expansive Newness you can create, implement, manifest and actualize in your life?


Sherry Anshara
Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance
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