“Why” is there the perception that it ‘takes a long time” to heal emotional and physical issues? “Why” is it necessary to “have to” go through years and years and lifetimes and lifetimes of excessive karma, lessons and reincarnation, just to end up in the same place over and over again?  “Why” is the question(s) always the same, asking “why” over and over again and reliving over and over the same old, same old emotional issues that affect the same old physical issues.  Could we consider Planet Earth a recycling bin of the sameness, caught up in a time warp?

There is no reasonable explanation!  Yet, there is a reasonableness to this process.  What is it?  It is….completely getting in touch with your own body through Cell/Self Talk.  How does it work?  It is so easy.  Perhaps the underlying issue is that…can healing be simple and easy?  Yes, for sure!  Here’s a Case Study of J.P. who discovers that there is a process of progress, that is easy and it does work.  How fabulous is that?!


In June of 2006, J.P.’s blood tests revealed some interesting data.  Her blood was full of cholesterol, teaming with round clear circles of yeast, filled with pepper like substances in her plasma called Triglycerides, with her plasma filled with rod like structures, storm clouds, which indicated inflammation and toxins in her colon.  Examining her blood under a microscope provided her with a somewhat scary yet valuable diagnosis. Her Red Blood Cells should look like donuts glowing on the inside and the outside.  However, they were all clumped together in misshapen dysfunctional groups.  Definitely something had to be done.  Time was of the essence and a change was absolutely required!  The condition of her health….at risk…for sure!  Not unlike many individuals walking around this Planet, especially in the United States, J.P. could not be in denial anymore.

After taking some digestive enzymes for a month, her second test revealed some improvements.  No yeast, because of the enzymes, but still misshapen cells.  Her Triglycerides were still out of hand.  After taking a 40 hour Intuitive Energy Medicine Course J.P. connected with her Self at her cellular level of consciousness.  JP knew she was on her way to creating a healthy body, both emotionally and physically.  She was on a “real” healing roll!  She was changing her “role” from illness to health on speed dial.  She was talking to her Cells/Self!

Every day and night she talked, meditated, stayed completely conscious and connected to her body at her Cellular Level.  No other conversations inside her or outside of her mattered.  What mattered is that she became “in charge” of her life, she is letting go of old programming, old conditioning and old Belief Systems that do not serve her or her body.

Within a few months she had, indeed, began to birth a renewed healthy body. Her third  blood test revealed healthy happy cells,  Absolutely no storm clouds, no toxic liver rods, no yeast, and no Triglycerides or pepper floating around causing havoc in her blood cells.  She had perfect bright, blood cells, glowing bright on the insides and the outsides of each cell.  They were floating separately in the clear plasma.

In January 2007, J.P. completely was in touch with her Cells/Self.  This works! Completely conscious, meditating each day and night “consciously”, speaking her intentions to her cells and to her Self, to have perfect healthy cells, and to be a perfect healthy weight, she has shed 16 pounds since the beginning of the year without dieting.  She has made a complete connection to her Self.  She is speaking positive Cell/Self Talk!  She is creating her own progressive process of healing in real, practical ways.

Today in 2014, J.P. has lost over 85 pounds!  She has created a new career in the healthcare industry.  She is living her life to the fullest with happy healthy cells.

She has gone beyond the Belief Systems, the “B.S. programs”, of limitations.  60 years old and in charge of her life, she loves her Self unconditionally and it shows.

Consider being your own Research Project.  Conduct your own Self Study.  Begin your practical Cell/Self Talk!  Your Body is your Reality!  Your Reality is up to you!!!