Amazing in 2008, this article was printed in the American Holistic Nurses Journal, the Medical Journal for Nurses and healthcare practitioners. How grateful I am for this organization to recognize so many years ago, my method at the time the QuantumPathic Energy Medicine that has evolved over the years to the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance. Self Healing through Self Talk!! How amazing, profound and practical that it worked for thousands of my clients over the years.

Connecting to the root cause or the original core of the emotional/physical issues of all illnesses, all diseases, all dysfunctions is the key to healing for REAL! Healing does NOT take a long time contrary to popular Duality Belief Systems, which I call the B.S. Your body’s Cellular Memory is your intelligence and intellect NOT your left computer brain. Would love your comments.

Again I am so honored that this amazing organization of Holistic Nurses recognized my methodology so many years ago. Your journey to Self Healing is my journey to assist and support you to be healthy and have the best conversation with your body! Would value your comments so much.

Why ”is there the perception that it takes a long” time – and a long, painful process – to heal emotional and physical issues? The truth is, it is not necessary. Everyone has the ability to participate consciously and proactively in his/her own healing process. How does it work? By getting in touch with your own body through cell/self-talk, as described in  Jacqueline’s story below. 

Jacqueline’s Self-Modality 

In June 2006, Jacqueline was 53 years old and her tests revealed some interesting data. Her blood was full of cholesterol and teaming with round clear circles of yeast, and her plasma was filled with pepper-like substances called triglycerides and rod 

like structures, storm clouds, which indicated inflammation and toxins in her colon. Under the microscope, her red blood cells, which should look like donuts glowing on the inside and the outside, were all mis-shaped and clumped together in dysfunctional groups. 

After taking digestive enzymes for a month, her second test revealed some improvements, but her cells were still mis-shaped and her triglycerides were still out of hand. Then she took a 40-hour energy method course that helped Jacqueline connect to herself at the cellular level of consciousness. From then on, every day and night she talked, meditated, stayed completely conscious, and connected to her body at its cellular level. She took charge of her life and let go of old programming,  old conditioning, and old belief systems that did not serve her or her body. 

Within a few months, Jacqueline began to birth a renewed healthy body. Her third blood test revealed healthy cells,  absolutely no storm clouds, no toxic liver rods, no yeast, and no triglycerides or pepper floating around causing havoc in her blood cells. She had perfect blood cells, glowing brightly on the insides and the outsides of each cell, and they were floating separately in the clear plasma. 

Through conscious meditation and speaking her intentions to her cells, Jacqueline’s body formed perfect healthy cells, and she shed 16 pounds without dieting. By speaking positive cell/self-talk, she created her own progressive process of healing in real, practical ways. And like Jacqueline, I encourage you to conduct your own self-study and to begin your practical cell/self-talk. Your body is your reality, and your reality is up to you! 

“What You Say Makes Your Day and What You Say Can Make Or Break Someone Else’s Day”

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