As you move through life, setting intentions, saying prayers, creating vision boards or vision books, connecting to the Universe and now even stating your ideas to the Multi-verse, all in terms of both creating and manifesting your life in this physical 3D world.

What happens when things go haywire?  What happens when these things don’t turn out how you thought they would?  For sure this leads to confusion.  Could it be that perhaps you were not as specific as you thought you were being when you put into motion all your intentions?

What do you suppose happened when, for instance, you intended for the perfect person to show up in your life.  Whether a romantic partner, a great boss, a supportive friend, whoever, but they showed up in your life with their own agendas.  Oops!  What happened?  The Universe is confused, not you?  Did the Universe not hear you clearly?

Deepak Chopra talks about possibilities and potentials as the opportunities to create the circumstances in your life. However, without your clear directions, confusion can occur in several ways.  You may get what you ask for, but aren’t sure how it turned out the way it did. Possibilities and potentials are great things to intend but what’s the point if they don’t turn out as you planned.  Until you are very clear about what it is you are asking the Universe and Multi-verse to support you in, confusion can happen.

The thing about possibilities and potentials are the aspects in this 3D world is that if these possibilities and potentials are hanging out in the ethers, than what is the point of them?

Well, the point is to make them your manifested realities.  Yes, to actualize them. To bring your intentions, prayers and declarations out of the ethers and into substance is the practical applications of potential and possibilities.  What you ask for is what you get.  The clearer and more precise you are, the easier and better you get at manifesting or actualizing your realty or realities that match your intentions.  Getting the idea now?

You can’t leave your intentions and prayers hanging out in the ethers without providing directions.  You are the writer, director of your possibilities and potentials.  The next step is to be the on purpose with purpose producer to make them real in your life and for your life.  No ambiguity unless you accept ambiguity. Don’t get angry or disappointed if your intentions don’t work out the way you think they should.

Be clear. Set your intentions and prayers, write them down, speak them out loud, just make sure you know what you are asking.  The more specific you are, the better the deal you get.  Stay out of the outcome; let the Universe and Multi-verse work out the details. Don’t get in the way.  Again possibilities and potentials are nothing until you make them something.  Your goal is to make them your physical manifested, actualized realities.

Now go have fun and let the clear creating begin!