Don’t you sometimes have a different picture of your Self, than what other people see in you? Oh yeah, you have been taught to put your best face forward, act a certain way to fit in, wear certain clothes with the right label, wear the same things the stars wear and you will be seen as successful as them! All the blah, blah, blah stuff that prevents not only you but others from “seeing” the perfect picture of you!

What is the perfect picture of you? Is it the one that speaks volumes of whom you are or who you are not? Is it a picture of someone else’s idea of you? Is the picture of something you cannot relate to when you look into the mirror? These are great questions to ask your Self.

What, in fact, are you picturing about your Self? Do you picture your Self successful or unsuccessful? Do you picture your Self as timid, shy, standoffish? Do you picture your Self as confident, Self-aware, Self-secure? Or maybe there are times when you are projecting one thing and really feeling the other inside of you. Life is like that! Sometimes you may feel on top of your game. Other times you may think you are insecure or a failure. None of these are you. These are expressions of what you are experiencing in the moment of the moment.

Your confidence or lack of it in any given moment is really based upon how you relate, respond, or re-act to a given situation. This is why at times, the picture of your life and your Self is not clear. You have been taught to take your cues from the outside of you.

Now here’s a difference for you, when you start taking your cues from your heart and how you are feeling inside of you with clarity, the experiences of your life change dramatically. You are not searching for the outside validation or confirmation that you fit in and are accepted or approved by someone else’s opinion or idea of you.

When you take your clear cues, following your heart and your passion, you change the picture of you, what other people are seeing. If they don’t see what you see about your Self, the best way to deal with this is…. “Oh well”. Without judging them, or wronging them, they just don’t see the magnificence of you. They can’t see the magnificence of themselves. So how can they see it in you?

So keep on connecting deep inside your Self to your heart. Picture your Self and your life as full of opportunities and successes. The picture of your life will change . You will be amazed. Others will picture the real you, not the made up one by society’s mediocre standards. Picture uniqueness! Picture creativity! Picture success! Picture what you see your life as being. Picture you Being Great! Greatness doesn’t happen. Greatness is created. You are picture perfect already!