Perception is the reception and deception of your conception! Good grief, what does that mean? It means that when you have a perception about your Self, someone else, or some situation, you can deceive your Self because you don’t always have the facts. The reason that you don’t have all the facts is because of your molecules of emotions that cloud your perspectives about what is really happening or what is really going on with you, the “other” person and/or the situation at hand.

Perception is usually the limited band of consciousness of the Childish Adult Ego (CAE) that quite often takes everything personally. When you “take everything” personally, it makes it very difficult for your emotional body to discern what are the facts and what are the emotional hooks that block your clear vision of finding out the facts. The CAE, your best teacher, always wants to be “right”. This is the job of you CAE to make sure you “have to be right” and the other person has to be “wrong”. Your perceptions can run wild and you can create scenarios, or mountains out of molehills that may or may not have anything “real” to do with the relationship, situation, or event. From the perception of the molehill/mountain, perceptions can emotionally appear factual. Though there may be some facts hidden in the agenda, perceptions are not usually based on just the truth, they are emotional energy drainers.

As you detach from an emotional situation, and get “above” the trauma/drama, you will have much clearer perspectives as the observer to see the part you have played in the drama, see without judgment how everyone else has played out their role in the event and you will definitely get the lesson learned from your experiences. As you look at your life, your creative process and your part in the manifestation of your life from various perspectives as the clear observer, you will amaze your Self. You will see how absolutely incredible you are in taking charge of your life. You will empower your Self. You will be consciously active in all aspects of your life.

Give your Self every opportunity to view your life from all perspectives as you interact through your life’s journey. You will see significant differences in how you handle any situation. As long as you continue to stay involved in your life’s process from your emotional perceptions, you will continue to give away your power. It’s not worth it! Before you get upset and emotionally challenged, make sure you look at all perspectives of any given situation and don’t get emotionally “hooked” in the energy draining perceptions. So, perceptions are really the receptions and deceptions of your “emotional” conceptions. Remember don’t put your power or energy into perceptions. Get the facts! Then you can make clear choices in how you choose to participate in life.