Self-reflection is a gazing at one’s life and circumstances as though it

were a painting to be examined, felt, appreciated.  In self-reflection, the 

third or inner eye is opened, and one gazes at one’s life to learn, appraise


-Wilson Van Susen

You know more about you than anyone…you scripted, produced, and directed your epics through your time continuum….  Only you know the facts, if you are willing to become the observer and look from above the emotional attachments or bands to the past, you will detach and create your opportunity to heal and release the physical and emotional issues which are no longer relevant to this life or those moments, times and years and timelines ahead of you.  Don’t be mistaken, you will create future lives.  How you choose to create them is up to you, newness or same old, same old.

The old programs say… “someone else can fix you”, “know more about you”, “has the glue to put you back together”.  This is the band-aid version of “fixing you outside your Self” programming. You cannot shift anything until you are willing to accept every aspect of Self from your core cellular level to the surface of your body.  

The shift occurs at the moment of Self- acceptance… “To Do” is the manipulated Childish Adult Ego…To Be is your complete Self- acceptance.  Now you can move on from the limitations, definitions, and labels.  Ask your Self, are you worth it or do the labels and definitions have more value than you?  If they do, be prepared to play your Self forward/backward…and the beat goes on!  Nah nah nah nah nah nah.  Don’t you just love your Childish Adult Ego?!  Much, much too painful!  If you really like living in the victim role then by all means have at it…do it again!

If by clear choice you choose your Self to remove the Duality labels and definitions…then what? Then the molecules of your strings, bands, or strands of information begin to be erased, as you change the Duality limitation continuing belief systems, the B.S. has written on them that no longer serves you. 

You are consciously “throwing away” the food of consciousness or garbage upon which you have been feeding.  Remember, again, in the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day our daily bread”.  You can stop eating the garbage and feed your Self the gourmet food of your expanded, “smart” consciousness.  

Don’t you deserve it?  Oops, you wouldn’t consider going back to the garbage dump, would you?  Just checking!  As this process progresses, total recall as cellular memory begins to rise to the surface.  As NEO, No Emotional Observer you begin to see without the fearful Childish Adult Ego, the magnificence of all of your creations through your lifetimes. On each of your bands of energy, the information of your experiences is encoded and imprinted. 

All of this information within YOU is about the experiences that you so grandly wrote in your lifetimes.  This “Now” time is your opportunity to access this information, retain it if it is viable to this life, or discards it. The purpose of utilizing this information is to purposefully empower your Self to become conscious in this lifetime.  You have the choice.  Remember…once you choose to become aware, you can’t go back to the programming.  

However “should” you choose to stay unconscious and give your power away outside of your Self, “playing at denial”, “staying a victim or victimizer”, or reliving old patterns, be prepared to relive your trauma dramas! You do have a choice of how you play your lives forward.

Are you willing to waste one more moment or lifetime(s) reliving non-productive, time-consuming karmic, repeated lesson-filled, boring, illusional/delusional agendas for your Childish Adult Ego to prove you right and then wrong on this continuing Duality loop?  What a roller coaster of limitations and limited Duality Belief Systems, the b.s!  You served your time, now it is your opportunity for time to serve you.  Take your free “get out of jail” card and use it. “Jail” is a Duality consciousness stored in your cells. “Jail” is a narrow band of fear consciousness.  Whatever your perceptions of what “Jail” means to you! 

Your imprisonment through the Fear Programs is always created by you.  Now don’t get upset.  You did it unconsciously.  Remember… becoming conscious is to be NEO, Non-Emotional Observer of ALL that you created and manifested into your physical world.  You did everything perfectly.  You are the only one that can let you out of your “Jailed” cells. 

Even your Childish Adult Ego begins to transcend the programming.  It has no choice, because in your physical body through your ascension and expansion of awareness called “Becoming Conscious”,  you are integrating all your levels, spaces, and places of your being and beingness!   This includes your Childish Adult Ego.  

What did you “think” will happen to your Childish Adult Ego?  “Remember your Childish Adult Ego will do anything to survive, even kill you because it knows you will come back”.  Your Childish Adult Ego keeps you in the recycling bin or box of karma, lessons, and your “B”elief “S”ystems!  Your CAE only knows the trauma dramas and even the commercial breaks in between. These commercial breaks can also be “termed” the termination of a particular lifetime! And then, “Oh No Not Again?”

Do you not see how brilliant your Childish Adult Ego is?  You have brought your Self to this place, time, and space for this opportunity to kick your old Base/First  Chakra open and get out of the boxes.  “Butt” if you choose to continue the programs of fear located in your First Chakra… have at it!  Whatever you do it will be either divine order or disorder.  The choice is up to you.  By the way, stop blaming your Childish Adult Ego for all your troubles and trauma dramas.  While you were miserable and emotionally challenged your Childish Adult Ego had to live through your scripts again and again!!!

And you “think” YOU were the only one suffering!  Your pure Perfect Child Within also was challenged.  Your pure PCW Child had to WAIT each lifetime knowing it would be sliding down a tunnel of forgetting called the birthing canal, wondering if this was the lifetime you were willing to get conscious.  You come in through a tunnel and you go out through a tunnel.  You pick the parents for your issues through biology, DNA, and conditioning.  You made the contract with them.  Did you forget to read the fine print?  Big deal…you didn’t even notice the big print!  Yes, you did.  Big deal!  

The perfect lifetime has arrived.  It is here and now.  As you clear give some divine thought of how you would write your next life into being.  Hey, what a concept!  This is just a morsel or tidbit of a new food of consciousness to come.  However, not to digress let’s get back to this lifetime and look at what you can do to clear out the no longer relevant part of the past and use the experiences of the past that will serve you now to enhance your life.

Heaven on Earth is within you.  Heaven does not have to be created.  Heaven is already a part of your physicality.  Heaven is the quantum field within you.  Your quantum field is the clear dimension devoid of the molecules of emotions without the Duality Fear Programs and the emotional hooks (the strings or bands of energy) attached to your past trauma dramas, victimization, and conditioning.  

Your quantum field is a band of consciousness of total unconditional Self-acceptance and Self beyond Duality Love and Involved Conscious Evolution of your creativity.   Your energy is the power source that propels your quantum consciousness into your realness.  The real you is not the delusional, illusional, Duality realities of the programming and the actualizations of your life through fears.  

Newness cannot be a realization until you are creating from your quantum field.  It is that simple. And it is simple. As long as you and everyone on this planet continue to create through the Duality  Fear Programs of Self-Judgment, Self-Lack and Self-Take-Away, individually and collectively, the conditioning of these Fears and the emotional decisions remain manipulated and unconscious.   Your Third Dimensional Duality creative process simply continues.  Different time, different places, same old, same old… inner and outer war(s).

The Duality principle of war speaks volumes of the dialog of the Lack Program!  The war on poverty conveys the message of Lack. It is the physical properties of the “haves and have-nots”.  The realness of this planet is filled with abundance.  The mentality and the reasoning of the Duality computer brain say you or the group lacks something over and over again!  How could anything else be manifested except a reality of “something lacking”?

There are many aspects to the Lack of Mentality.  In Duality, the war on poverty provides the “haves” with a temporary emotional “hit” of helping.  Look through the history of this planet…where has the war on poverty been ended.  Name the place, name that tune.  It is time to tune in to what is really going on.  Comprehend,  this is not a statement of judgment.  Where has starvation ended, be it physical starvation or the physical, emotional drain of lacking something?

For the have-nots, it is a temporary hit of feeding someone’s physical and emotional starvation.  The issue is that the war on poverty is supported by the Lack Program, spinning this wheel of reality around and around in the same place regardless of the age and stage of linear Earth time. Where’s the spin doctor on this one? The Lack Program is poverty at its best and worst of Duality.


“From your deepest continuing knowledge within you. YOU ARE THE REALNESS OF YOU!
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