One of the main reasons that the war on poverty continues is the Duality limited Belief Systems, the B.S. Someone or some group “must” be the haves and someone or the other group “must” be the have-nots.  The war on poverty, as every war, whatever it is called, is the war of the Childish Adult Egos… governments, religious groups, or controlling parties who want to “own” the reality of another group. It is very easy to control someone or a group through the distribution of Belief Systems using food.  

Remember when you eat the food of consciousness that doesn’t serve you, do your “belief system”,  it is serving someone else?  This is not to judge that helping someone is wrong.  The question is HOW does the help work.  Is it based on a  temporary handout accompanied by a temporary emotional “hit” or can you help someone by changing your own consciousness from the fear of lack to a new reality of abundance for all?  Helping in Duality does NOT work!   Consciously assisting is the difference.  Hand-out or Hand-UP???  There is a huge difference.  Assist!! Help is B.S.!

Even Duality’s consciousness of wealth is predicated on some form or variation of the Lack Program.  Unless you recognize that lack is a limited thought and a Belief System of consciousness, nothing changes.  Whatever the consciousness is, based upon clarity or belief systems… is whatever is manifested and actualized as the realness of the Duality reality!  

Get it! The reality of consciousness that poverty is a war, ask your Self who is the winner and who is the loser in this kind of war?  The winner is the loser because there can be no abundance and prosperity. In this reality, the loser-winner never ever has enough product, services, or resources for the losers.  The losers never win because they are afraid that the winners will never have enough to support their lack. And they never do.  Lack begets lack.  It is a lose, loses situation and everyone wins LACK.  WOW… what consciousness and dysfunctional use of your energy!!! 

Hmmm!  Could the Lack of consciousness be the key to addictions; the victim-victimizer, the abuser-abusee, the “I’m not worthy”, the “poor me” behavior, and the manifestation of all the emotional issues that are prevalent in our society?   Remember the programs run deep in the cellular level of everyone. The programs are embedded in your unconsciousness, not just your sub-conscious. 

The Fear Programs of Judgment, Lack, and Take Away affect you and everyone on a daily basis, aware of them or not.  Your creative process is therefore affected by your emotional attachments to these programs that have been imprinted at the cellular level, as events, situations, and experiences. 

Because you are not aware, you live a reality of emotional “hits” every day.  When things are going wrong because of the Lack Program unconsciously embedded in you, you wait for the ax to fall, and it does over and over again.  In the Lack Program, there is the greatness of creativity and there are the great “axes” of the Take Away Program.  This is why a stable consciousness of prosperity and abundance cannot be maintained, whether you as an individual, or as a participant in a group. 

This consciousness will always re-create the cycle of some type of war.  The war on drugs, the great wars, the war on poverty, the war with internal demons, the war of the worlds, whatever the war, is simply an inner battle waged “outside” of you, which determines the cycles of having, not-having, having, not-having and the beat of the winner/loser goes on.  Whoever becomes the winner can only hold this resonance, frequency, and vibration of Duality’s limited consciousness temporarily.  Why? Because along comes the ax and the winner becomes the loser.  It doesn’t matter.  This Duality recycle consciousness affects everyone…individuals, special interest groups, governments, and nations…everyone!  Location and time have nothing to do with it.

The waste of time is by your Childish Adult Ego and the Childish Adult Egos of a particular group’s Belief Systems, the b.s. consciousness.  Only in the Third Dimension is there a waste of time.  Is it worth your life to waste precious creative moments waiting for something to happen?  Why not use your moments to create something to happen consciously.  

In truth, there is No Time.  There is only a reference to an experience.  When the reference of the experience is connected to your emotional bands of energy, the scenario of the experience is played out over and over again.  These bands, embedded with your molecules of emotions, are like rubber bands.  You stretch them to the maximum level of the band, stressed out to the max.  Then you snap right back to that place and time and re-live the experience over and over again.  

This is the dynamics of the Third Dimensional Duality Realities.  As you live through these experiences, they become the embedded patterns or the design of your fabric in which you re-live your history.  There are no new creations, no options, no choices, just instant replays regardless of the time, date, space, or place in your continuum. 

Ask your Self…are you willing, or is it worth your vital life force and your creativity, to re-live your old experiences when they no longer serve you?  You can waste, at a cost of your life, the value of your creativity.  You can waste your future lifetimes by dragging your bands of the trauma dramas with you.  

You can spend years in therapy, talking and thinking the same issues over and over again right into the next lifetime.  Or you can become your own NEO Non-Emotional Observer, sort through your bands of information, keep what is beneficial and delete the rest. What a concept… unraveling your fabric of time(s) and creating your own patterns without the dysfunctional programming is up to you.  Again, your choices are up to you.  

You are the only one who can create your options or your limitations.   You are the power source.  In the shift of consciousness from your cellular level, your energy field is then driven by your new consciousness.  The Old version of your Duality Consciousness always makes something wrong with you! You “need to be fixed”.  Duality is a “fix” of addictions!

The new focus is to “get to the why”.  Then why is the reason or origination point of the issue at your cellular level?  The “what” is the situations, illnesses, dysfunctions, or the “whatever” you created through the old Duality Programming.  You know what they are.  Remember, the old should’s, where you should on your Self so many, many times.  It is just like a revival meeting.  You keep reviving what you already did before.  Get over it!  Stop “shoulding” on your Self.  Move on to Newness! 


“From your deepest continuing knowledge within you. YOU ARE THE REALNESS OF YOU!
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