So, you want to ascend?  What the heck does that mean? If ascension is death and going to Heaven, then why do you come back so many times?   If you still believe ascension is going out of your body, then why are you still here, waiting around, struggling over and over again?  Get a clue!  Ascension is not dying, ascension is living.  But not existing through the Fear Programs of Duality.  Ascension is consciously creating your Heaven on Earth CLEARLY AND DELIBERATELY WITHOUT ALL THE LIMITATIONS OF FEAR!

Ascension begins the minute you start to become the observer from a more expanded point of view above the limited vision of the Childish Adult Ego.   The process of ascension is not going out of the body to experience the higher vibrations and frequencies.  Ascension is being the resonance of your own highest vibration and frequencies in this current body.  It is applying your expansion of consciousness to this life, in this world in very “real” and “practical” ways in the routine of your everyday life!

Why is this process different?  There are a million methodologies throughout the ages and stages of linear time that all say that your higher self is the “God” within you.  However… and however is…that there is always an authority out there with more power than you.  The religions, through their rituals, provide your soul with a go-between you and “God”.  The reason is “they know” more about “how God works” than you.  The metaphysical gurus, through their rituals, provide the way for your spirit to get to “God”.  

Even governments control your access to “God” by determining which religious faction is acceptable for their populace.  Religious orders looking for numbers and revenue claim “they” have your answers to God.  Even some groups who profess to be anti-God, claim they have the answers for you.  How Third Dimensional this is that all these groups have your answers.  Isn’t that just the way of Duality Reality!  Ask your Self, what’s real about God for you?  Remember…you ARE GOD. Not A God!!!  Aren’t you real? 

In Third Dimensional Duality Reality there certainly are a lot of claims.  They are claiming you, as though a piece of property for your revenue.  They claim to have the ability to “save your soul”.  “They”, whoever the “they” is, are banking that you will give up your power and your God within you to them.  This is called control and manipulation. Hello!  Just keep sending your revenue with the delusion you will buy your Self into some illusional heaven.  Religious programs for sale or rent!  Are you selling or renting your Self?

Now don’t get excited or distraught.  This is not to attack or judge your Belief Systems.  However, are your Belief Systems really yours or have they simply conditioned into you that God is an entity outside of you!  The chaos through fear that God is outside of you, affects you on a daily basis.  When that chaos is infused by a group consciousness of having the only way to God programming, chaos reigns. Yes, the chaos reigns on your parade to enlightenment.

The religious programming of “being the right way to God” becomes embedded in the bands of the group consciousness in which you participate.  This collective consciousness infused in its “believers” goes on to manifest as the continuous continuum energy force that manifests and actualizes as war with another group!  WHY??  Because each group “thinks” and actually believes their way is the only way to God.  Their God is the right and righteous God. The righteous wars of religions continue to destroy life in the name of god! Their purpose claimed in the name of God is to control and manipulate their members’ emotional molecules.  The Duality manipulating system works perfectly.  

Each new generation of members is reliving the original consciousness of the religious wars whenever it began, in whatever century.  How perfect is this scenario of re-living a war through control and manipulation of religious leaders, who have the perfect answer to “God”.  Each generation brings more to the cause.  Then the religious order can perpetuate the disorder of the chaos inside its members.  The real funny part of this is that dead leaders from the past are still leading the living!  So then…the living can kill the opposition.  Is this living religion through death or death living through religion?

Ask your Self, who has the power, the controller or the controller?  Not so hard to figure out, is it?  Third Dimensional Duality Reality is the resonance that is the actualized frequency and vibration of war.  Get this picture?   It doesn’t matter if it is the war of religions, the war of governments,  the war of a group…the war begins inside of you.  The war is inside of every person on this planet because Duality dictates you being in opposition to your Self and to some other person, committee, or group consciousness of Duality Belief Systems, the B.S.! 

Get it clearly. You are a group consciousness of Belief Systems within your Self. Even as a member of group consciousness, you bring your collective consciousness to the group through the resonance compatibility of your frequency and vibration.  Fear-based vibration and frequency is the law of fear based attraction. You reflect your Self as well as reflecting the consciousness of the groups to which you belong.  The vibration and frequency of your consciousness are the vibration and frequency of the group.  You resonate at the level of your awareness.  That’s the point!


What is inside of you and everyone on this planet is the war.  Duality is war with a capital W!  This is the consciousness of Planet Earth.  The time has come to get over it!  The leaders on this planet, regardless of the groups, love controlling you and everyone else in their membership.  It’s their job and their job security.  They don’t care about your job or your security or even your insecurity.  “They”, whoever the “they” are, just want the membership. They count on this Duality without substance consciousness, to rely on the continuation of their membership from generation to generation.  Now that’s job security!  Leaders come and go, but the Duality consciousness continues to manipulate and “con”trol!

It works “for them”!  It may not be working for you.  But they like working with you! Now, begin to ask your Self, why is the war not working for you anymore?  The chaos of the war of Duality inside of you, perpetuated by the myth that God is outside of you, lowers the vibration and frequency of your body’s consciousness.  The results are emotional and physical issues called illness, disease, dysfunctions, and/or disorders.  

Whether the issues are diagnosed as emotional or physical, labeled disease or illness, the issues are all physical.  Every part of your body is physical and has a component of physicality.  You cannot in your physical body continue in your continuum to separate your Self from any aspect of your Self.  As long as you continue to see parts of yourself as not physical and invisible, you will never be “whole”.  

Again, every aspect of you is physical. Get over it!   Claim it!  This is who you are, a physical, multi-dimensional HUMAN BEING!  When you begin to make the physical connection on all levels of your consciousness as a unified relationship within your Self, you will begin to recognize and realize that the God within you is also physical.  This is Involved Conscious Evolution Integration in the most practical and real ways. 

You make the connection by experiencing your Self on all your levels, places, and spaces of your Self.   Experience is the best teacher.  When the student is ready, the teacher shows up.  You are both the student and the teacher and also the God within you.  The Third Dimensional Duality Reality is physical.  Every dimension of reality seen or not seen within you is physical.  You cannot deny anymore that your very essence is physical here on this planet.  This is only one aspect of your essence, your beingness, your aliveness!

Even when you leave this dimension, you are still physical.  Your “dead” body, after all the bands of consciousness and energy left, your soul, your spirit, your divine mind, your Childish Adult Ego (healed of the issues or not), your expanded self, your God-self, every part of you, will weigh less.  What emotional issues you don’t clear in your bands, you take them with you.  You are still physical and you hold on to the physicality of your Third Dimensional issues you haven’t cleared.  


Why is that?  Because… you being the cause… you Belief System in the Duality Programs of reincarnation, lessons, and karma.  You believe Earth is a school full of programs.   SOOOOOOO…. you come back and bring back all of your Self and the issues you didn’t clear with you. Let’s do it again! 

Remember, as an example, if you haven’t cleared abandonment on your way out, you bring it back on your way in. Abandonment is still embedded in your template.  How fun is that!  NOT! Is it Time for you to change the Duality template?  That’s the question!  


“From your deepest continuing knowledge within you. YOU ARE THE REALNESS OF YOU!
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