Is there one particular reason why my body has pain?  Yes and No!  This answer seems confusing yet it really is not.  Actually pain in your body is your body’s attempt to get your attention.  This is the Yes answer to the one particular reason your body has pain.  What does it mean?  It simply means that your body at your cellular level of experience is sending you messages that something is bothering you both emotionally and physically.

Every experience, situation and/or event is imprinted in your body, aware of it or not.  The experience is a recording embedded with a time frame, date, event and even includes the person or persons involved in your experience.  Without evaluating the experience from a good, bad or indifferent point of view, take a look at it first.  Then connect to the area of pain in your body and begin to ask questions.  Yes, you can talk to your body and your body will provide answers.

Before you take a pain killer, this is an opportunity to connect to that area of your body and see what your body is expressing to you. Here are some initial questions to ask your Self.   Is it a new pain, an ongoing pain, chronic pain or does it come and go? These are viable questions to ask as you connect to your body.  More times than not, you are encouraged to take pain medication, which masks the emotional and physical root cause of the pain and simply ignore the pain.  Ignoring the pain does make reasonable sense, especially if you have a personal belief system that you are tough and you can take it. No, your body cannot take pain and should not have to endure pain because you are not listening. Let go of the belief system that you are touch you can take it.  No you can’t the trauma, whenever it occurred, it will eventually show up as pain somewhere in your body.

With this said, the more you allow your Self to connect to the area of pain, they more likely you will get to the root cause.  This information will definitely provide you with the answers.  The root cause is predicated on a particular time in your life, the exact  time of the occurring trauma which is then recorded in the cellular memory of your body.  Whether your brain remembers it or not, your body absolutely does.  Your brain/computer can misfile it.  Your body has to go along until the emotionally and physical pain builds up over a period or periods of time which can become debilitating.  You are then simply existing not living.   The emotional pain may take years to surface. It will surface eventually.   It will be labeled and  diagnosed as some sort of disease, dysfunction or illness. Yes, it will happen. 

When my clients come to with their diagnosis, I ask them when did it start? After they fill out my intake sheet, we go over the areas of concern: depression, anxiety, cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.  From this point going forward, we will get into the NO.  No I do not have to continue to suffer.  No I do not have to live with the pain.  Back to the Yes!  Yes, I can access the information, where ever the trauma is buried in my body.  Yes, I can get my answers by asking the questions correctly to my body.  Please don’t ask what is wrong with me.  Please do ask my body with clear direct questions, what exactly happened, at what time, who is involved and I tell my body it is time to “let this go”.  I do not deserve to have my past, unconsciously  affect the health and well-being affect me or my life anymore.     

The Anshara Method is a significant key to turn around the Yes, I have to live with this pain.  To No I do not have to live with pain.  Yes, I can heal my Self through the tools of QPEM.

Pain can be my greatest ally if I am willing to address the pain emotionally and physically, get the facts and determine does it really serve me to hold onto at my cellular level.  No I don’t have to suffer anymore.  Yes I can heal my pain!