When you say something like I am off my path…or I wish I was on my path…or I don’t know why I can’t stay on my path, etc., etc., etc…did you know you cannot be off your path no matter where you are? Even if you are levitating and going backwards, you are on your path. Your path can be as narrow as you are being anal-retentive. Or, your path can be as wide and exhilarating as you are open to your world!

Life is what you make it. It is not the other way around. The world does not really make you. If you have this Belief System running, then you will definitely have a very narrow path and a very narrow view of your Self and your life. In the old paradigm, the old Dualistic platform decrees that your life is affected by outside influences, which is a very anal-retentive paradigm that is so old it is smelly, if you know what I mean.

Your world, as you expand your vision and awareness of your Self, is what you choose to make it to be. “To be” is what you are seeking. “Not to be” is exactly what the anal-retentive, Dualistic, narrow Belief Systems dictate to you. You are supposed to be what the “outside” says you are. You know, the famous “they” who say this is who I am. “They” say this is what I am supposed to be. They say, they say, they say. Who cares what “they” say. What do you say for your Self?

Get off their path…those who are telling you what to do that keeps you limited…and stay on your path. Kick the “they” off your path. There is no room for the “theys” who make you less, who make you feel bad about your Self, and who love to be victimizers. Kick them off your path and out of your life!

This is your path. You determine how expansive or how anal-retentive it is. Go for clear conscious expansion. If you do not, and you decide that the “theys” have more control of your life, then be prepared for more sh _ _ than you can stand in. Step up to your path. Own your path. Take charge of your path. Remember, this is the only path you have. Go forward and claim your path and live your life fulfilled!