Let’s consider the WHY or Y as the fork in the road!  Allow your Self to “get” this image of a Y in the road.  In Duality the Y is the road is the same Y over and over again!  You can have different clothes, different clocks, different measurements of “time”, different backdrops, different reference points, different backgrounds, different countries….or different differences within your Self.  YET?

Yet in Duality there are so many Y or forks in the road that leads to the same place over and over again. Rich or poor Duality dictates the same outcomes.  The outcome of the so-called Duality of death scenes is in all sorts of fabrications.  Here’s the question… “What did she or he die from or of?”  WOWZER what a question. 

The Truth is the verdict is Death by Lethal Duality Programs.  Regardless of the “dia”gnosis, death is the same death.  It is the exit plan of this Earth Planet, and the plan “it” is the same… The END!  And then a repeat performance.  Oops, I did it again.  Oops, you did it again.  Oops, who did it again?  This is the recycle bin of Duality in the form of the infinity sign, the sideways figure 8, that is the figure of the standing up time clock and bring into this third-dimensional world…. And Guess What?  You have the pattern of the Dualistic DNA pattern that is twisted.

OMG Isn’t Duality twisted?  Twisting you in and out of the WHAT’s so you can avoid the WHY’s!  YES!  Getting to the point in the fork in the road is this fabulous, amazing place of Non-Duality Choice.  Choosing not to go down or up the same repeatable road, passage, path, journey, or way within the “con”fined resonance of Duality.  

This point, you can call it still point.  Is the place to be still!  To listen to the intelligence and intellect in your body that says… “Enough is Enough” with Duality.  No more of the What’s that appear different!  Yet at the core, the What are the same.  The do-overs, the repeatable, the limitations of each and every life.

In each of these lives or lifetimes, there are opportunities to change, shift, move on, grow and get conscious outside of the “con”fines of Duality. YET?  And the Yet says in your left computer brain… NO DON’T WAKE UP.  Stay asleep in the same nightmare dreams of Duality.  Follow the procedures.  Don’t WAKE UP!  HOWEVER!

This time is different!  This is the time the embracing the fork in the road. This is the time to STOP, PAUSE AND SAY TO YOUR SELF… I AM TAKING ANOTHER PATH.  I EMBRACE THIS POINT OF NO RETURN BACK TO DUALITY!

“You can’t change the What until you get to your Why?”
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