Involved Conscious Evolutionary Revolution….

                                                                           Beyond Limitations

                                                                                          Being in Your Own Self Power

                                                                                                         Being Fearlessness

Duality is the Realities of the Earth and even the Universe

Why… Because these realities are based upon conflict.. War within our Selves, War with Each other,War of Religions, War of Politics, War of Ethnicity…. War of the Worlds, the Pleadians, Aucturians (sP),  other species in the Universe… warring with each other because of Fear and the Belief Systems, the B.S. of separation and lack of connection.

The Universe is a Unified Field.  Your body is unified field, all the parts of you are connected.  However your computer/brain is hardwired to be disconnected from your body.  So the body gets sick.  The Intelligence and Intellect in your body, your brain is the computer that is wired to organize information.  In the disconnect then where is the Unity?  What is the missing link or links that perpetuate the disconnects?  It is the Realities of Duality. Through they appear different, they are the same.  They are the Realities of limitations, separations, opposition, my way or the highway, follow the leader, give your power away, be a follower instead of leading your Self.  In Duality the ultimate reality at the end of the road(s) is always death crossing over for one side or another.  This is the Karma Lessons and Re-incarnation..The Do-Overs regardless of race, color, creed, background ungrounded, not fully present, not fully conscious and not fully participatory in one’s own life.  Existing in a “Realty” or Realities” of someone else’s idea.

These realities of Duality are the same, conflict, war, winner, loser and do-over. Always on the side of the limited belief system, the B.S. that is the recycle bin… The Do-Over reality that are really a multi-dimensional realities of Oops..I did it again.. via Britany Spears… This is lifetime after lifetime of rich, poor, beggar, thief, royalty, servant, victim, victimizer…you get it! Setting the stage, the next stage, the next lifetime, always the underlying issues of more than, less than repetition of the sameness.  Death is not the final solution.  It is just the step into the next  lifetime of experiences.  Yet to be programmed to look for something better somewhere else. This is the BEST lifetime. This is the one you have now. You don’t’ have to wait anymore.   You were not born to die, you are born to live a life that you require, desire and absolutely deserve. Stop searching for the answer from anywhere outside of you, into the next lifetime and in the pasts of other lifetimes.  This IS THE LIFETIME!  So let’s get what they have even at the cost of my own death or the death of the group I am in…

So is it really, past lives or a continuum of realities going on in your own body right now.. as your cellular memories..  When you have a deja vu…. It is a reality of “remembering” a similarity of “been there..done that”.  Yes, it is. The stage has changed, the clothes have changed, the background has changed, ethnic, color, creed, etc.. but the situation… Sit-U-At-your Ion or Cellular level of re-experiencing the Oops I did it before and now I am doing it again!!!!  Regardless of gender, background, economics, whatever, you are here now!

How has this played out in your life and lives. If you are Fear based in your reality or realities.. you create the fear and the fear drives the energy to repeat the reality or realities. You continue to experience the experience(s) that you have already done over and over again.  What?  So you can’t change the “What” until you get to the “Why” am I doing this?  Your Cellular Memory has all the information inside of you.  The information.. IN-FORM-AT-ION…this means that all your information about you in stored as physical form in your body.  You are a physical body of your encyclopedia Britannica of you.  Your cells hold your answers.  You have to know how to formulate the question(s)  Question means…. QUEST AT YOUR ION OR CELLULAR LEVEL.  You don’t have to run around the world looking for your Self. Although it is fun to travel, there is no journey like the journey inside of you when you are clear and not emotionally hooked on the outcome.  Stay out of the outcome so the results happen.

As an FYI, your Akashic Records are stored in your Spinal Column..  the SPIN of ALL in your continuum. Your records are not there is some non-accessable library floating around the Universe.  All your information is inside of you. You have to know how to ask the questions.

                              Perfect Place for Questions


                                             THE LAW OF DISTRACTION

Now along with the repeated reality or realities.. you draw to you the same profiles regarding of gender, persona, background… this is the Law of Distraction in Duality. It is supposed teach you some.. many lessons do you have to have of being a victim, not good enough, or the controllerwhatever? Isn’t it time to get over the lesson and stop re-incarnating the same karmic patterns.

To be truly multi-dimensional consciously, consciousness beyond limitations of Duality is the Key… you are meant to experience not only the joy of this dimension but the joy of connection to other dimensions and the inhabitants of them.  Here is another Key.. not to have fear but to have your heart open to have REAL connections, not based upon realities of fear and limitations.

                                             THE REAL UNLIMITED HUMAN IS HERE

The time has come to be a REAL UNLIMITED HUMAN. To experience all the dimensions without fear.  How do you do this.. It is called HEARTNESS RESONANCE fearlessly.  When you resonance FEARLESSNESS, your frequency and vibration can only  “Match” Resonances of Heart based Connections in the Multi-Verse of Beings..of which you are already a part.  You are connected, as a connector and a connection to bring worlds together fearlessly.

What does it take?  It is to be the resonance of WILLINGNESS. The essence of Willingness is to get out of the boxes of limitations that Duality has keep you stuck you through your continuum or life to life time programs in the survival mode… the us against them, but mostly the me against me programs. You can not be ready!  How many lifetimes of being ready for the next one and yet the same old same things happens.  Now in the resonance of Willingness, you are open, in total acceptance of your Self, regardless of any outside judgment or the Self-Judgement.  Now you what is happening is that your resonance vibrates your frequency and vibration from a limited Human experience to unlimited human experiences and BEING Multi-dimensional

Communication from you is open.  There is no reason to be fearful.  You have the ability within your Self to communicate consciously with your Self, with those around you, without looking for validation and best part you now have the Willingness fearlessly to communicate with other dimensions.  The best part you do not have to be fearful of low based entities or low based beings coming into your field and attaching themselves to you. Why?  Because you are resonating at an expanded Resonance of Self Power.  There are no reasonable or unreasonable reason(s) to be afraid. You can not be “forced” which is Duality to go against your Truth. You are the Self Power.  In Duality if you go against the grain of the programs or the controllers, you have to die. This is the ultimate sacrifice, death. In Duality in the back of your computer/brain you can reason well this may be my exit from this lifetime, but oops I will come back and do it again, spending another lifetime of wasted minutes, hours, days (daze), weeks, months, years, decades waiting for some “light bulb” to go on and you can then say I “get it”.  You already are “it”. It means Inner Truth. You don’t have to waste anymore time(s).  This is the only time that counts..the current moment.

               Knowing at my deepest knowing I can’t change the past… But what I can do is release the past   

               from cellular memory where it no longer serves me.  The Past is one second ago and I can

               change my future it is one second from now.  My current moment and my future is mine!   

Purpose?   What is my purpose? Your purpose is not one thing.  Your Purpose is to be Multi-Faceted.  To experiences the experiences that you are creating consciously to experience, find joy within your Self and be the Joy to Resonate to others, whoever the others are in whatever dimension.  This is being a Multi-dimensional Evolved Conscious Evolution Revolutionary

What does this mean? It is full of meaning, not full of mean!  In this Conscious Evolutionary Revolutionary Resonance, Fearlessly you are stepping into your Multi-dimensional Unlimited Power to communicate with other dimensions.  There is no reason to be Fearful. The Reason… you say.. I am a SOVEREIGN BEING. 

                                             SOVEREIGNTY IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE UNLIMITED HUMAN

As a Sovereign Conscious Evolutionary Revolutionary you can speak your Truth with searching for approval or validation.


                              VALIDATE ME, I THANK THEM …AND FOR THOSE WHO DON’T… OH WELL!


What can I expect to be different?  What works for you works.  Embrace what works whether relationships, personal or professional and expand upon the connection without judgment or Self Judgment.  Be the Change that you are choosing to create.  Be in charge of the change.  Orchestrate the change.  Be deliberate about the changes or even changes.  You are unlimited. 

Be Prepared that something or someone that no longer resonates with you, be accepting that the resonance or the connection is no longer there.  You are not cutting the person or relationships out of your life, you are no longer emotionally “hooked” into the time wasting, energy draining trauma dramas. You “see” and “feel” that this is your life.  You are no longer willing to get I involved in a recycle bin of the same old same old.  You are willing to stay connected in consciously. And you may be willing to go in a different direction(s) without any trauma dramas attachments to the old dysfunctional patterns. 

You are freeing Your Self to create your Life as a responsive, not responsible for any other adult(s), Sovereign Evolving Conscious Human Being in purpose with purposes to be the effective creative being that you are from the inside out.




  1. The past is unchangeable, cut my ties to ALL unchangeable past(s)
  2. The current moment(s) are the spaces for my power filled conscious creativity to be unleashed limitless and fearless
  3. My Willingness to Be Powerful, not controlling
  4. My complete Acceptance of my Self, not matter what
  5. Love My Self Unconditionally
  6. Be Grateful for MySelf for all that I have created unconsciously
  7. Honor My Self and my Life
  8. Be Prepared for the Unfoldment of the Universe and The Multi-verse
  9. Allow my Self to be surprise by the results of being an Multi-Dimensional Being
  10. My Heartness is the Resonance to the Multi-Dimensional Allness through my Sovereignty of Connectedness Fearlessly

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