A miraculous sub-atomic particle is being activated within the human body. This particle is the advent of the female Christed Consciousness which is called Akyra Zynanda (AZ).

It is a metaphoric as well as a physical progressive process for the human body as the actualization and realization of the creative power of the female, embodying everything from A to Z.  This is not gender specific. This is occurring in both genders.  This AZ particle is the expanded frequency and vibration of the human consciousness beyond duality’s limited belief systems.

In plain English, the human body is evolving beyond the restrictions and boundaries of karma, lessons and re-incarnation, which are simply the repeated programs of patterns and dysfunctional behaviors based upon a dualistic limited awareness of life and participation.  The cords of limitation are being cut through this evolved resonance emanating from this sub-atomic particle. 

In the physical body, the male, female and child within will be connected as a whole human being without the restrictions of the double helix chain of problems.  This new particle is the birth of creative newness for the human race, this planet and this Universe.  The Multi-dimensional human body is consciously evolving.  This has begun.

Sherry Anshara

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