Just love words! Love teaching Wordology is Your Biology. Also, love how words can affect and effect you and everyone in the most wondrous ways. However, and in Duality there is always a however, or nevertheless, or perhaps or something that is about to define something that may not be definable in your idea!

The magnificence of words is that words can make you healthy. The not-so-magnificence of words is that words can make you unhealthy. Most of the time because of the Duality “teachings” there is not much emphasis on how, when, where, and why words can put you into the Duality boxes of belief systems.

The “training” is so sneaky, regardless of the labeling of a word or words, the resonance of a word or words impacts the how’s and the why’s of your life each and every day.  How does that work?

Look at the word MINE! This word mine is verbalized as ownership!  Mine is a declaration of the word “My-Self” belonging to me. This amazing word mine connotates taking something personally.  Mine is Me!  

In the Duality format of personal, you can take something personal!  What happens is you are “taking-in” something that may not necessarily be about you. The premise within the “con”fines of Duality when something is taken personally, this resonance is based upon Self-judgment by someone else or even by your own Self! This is the Mine aspect of taking something personal and internalizing a Self-judgment of your Self by someone else.  

This taking it personally becomes a “confinement” in a box of Self-judgement. Not very productive. Definitely… not healthy at all!  Especially since emotions are the core of every illness on this planet. Yes, emotions are the core of disease, illness, and dysfunction by the very unnatural resonance being forced into your body by taking something personally. WOW!

Now consider the word Mine which has to do with digging. To Mine something!  To mine gold, a mineral, or something. Another aspect of Mine is to excavate for something. In illness or disease how about using this term to Mine or excavate the “core” causes of your illness, disease, upset, dysfunction, whatever the issues in your tissues are.

So putting MINE and MINE together, you have an opportunity to “dig” within your own Cellular Memory and uncover the core of your physical and emotional traumas that are still stuck in your body from a past that no longer exists!

This is to “unearth” within your amazing physical “earth” body to calmly and in a very connected healthy way to “dig up” and “dig out” those Cellular Memorizations that have created the “causation” of you not being and living your optimum healthy, productive and focused life. Your body is being challenged by your Duality “Mind” set in more ways than one. Actually in too many non-productive ways.

Another version of MINE is to store, “hoard”, fund, a repository, and/or source of something within you. Connecting to the words hoard, how are you hoarding or funding your body to become ill from those emotional past issues that are stuck today in your tissues.

Diagnosis is not when an illness or problem in your body happens. Diagnosis is when the body can no longer support you in your Duality unconsciousness to hold onto all those trauma dramas, all those issues in your tissues, your body breaks down and you get sick. Whatever the label of the “dia”gnosis” is, your body simply is no longer willing to continue to support you to ignore what is happening in your body!

Mine also means the source. Isn’t this a fabulous word to “get”?  Mine is your opportunity to get to the source of what no longer serves you, what is making you sick, what is weakening your body, and taking away your life. You are giving away your own Power to a past experience, a past timeline, or whatever is in the past at whatever age or stage that is simply not viable to you anymore or NOW!

Mine also means a Pit! WOW! This is the perfect time and timing to get out of the pit of the past where it no longer serves you. Keep what does serve you and expand upon whatever your inner Truth is. Be your own Clear Source. Be YOUR Own Self!


“You are the tunnel, the light at the end of the tunnel because you are the light of knowledge and truth, the tunnel is the illusion!
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