According to the definition or definitions of paradigm shift, here are two explanations, yet do these explanations really explain what a paradigm shift means to you or me? Or how about to a group, a “cult”ure, a country, an organization, a dogma, a belief system, or any practice that is taught to a person or a group, that is supposed to “tell”, “lead”, “impact”, “imprint” or “con”trol the mindset or behavior of a person or a group of people with a collective?

According to the dictionary, these are the definitions of a paradigm shift. Also consider that definition means “defined at your ion or cellular level of consciousness! So, in these explanations, let’s explore how you, me, a group, or a “collection” of people ie: ethnic, gender, nationality, or collective of individuals/groups are defined, identified or classified within the physical and emotional structures that are being led into a “paradigm shifting”!

The question to ask is whether this so-called paradigm shift is beneficial and/or expansive? Or is the paradigm shift constrictive and limiting? Does this paradigm shift offer freedom or does this paradigm shift establish restrictions and specific limitations?

Could these restrictions be a result of a war, a take-over, a disruption, or confinement to the productivity of life? Please ask your Self or your Selves, who are reading this article, what is a Paradigm Shift for you? Is it productive, expansive, and supports your natural abilities to create your life consciously, creatively, and healthy? 

Or is the offering a paradigm shift at its core or foundational resonance, that limits you from achieving an amazing life of conscious evolution of learning, gaining knowledge, and using your gained knowledge to live your best life?

In your questioning, directed from your real brain, your Heart, your answers will come clearly and unlimited consciously. When there is doubt in your questioning, then the most important question to ask, is this so-called paradigm shift is another version of an old and repeatable paradigm appearing new, yet really a sameness paradigm of limitations and frustrated “con”trols, restricting your life in old ways, pretending to be new ways?

These are very viable, directed questions to ask your Self. These questions have an important bearing in the resonance of an “outside” paradigm shift based upon Duality, which are repeatable restrictions and limitations? Or is this paradigm shift resonating to your heart and your abilities to establish from within your Self, a resonance change or shift of expansion of consciousness beyond the repeatable restrictions of Duality?


So now to the dictionary explanations of a paradigm shift:

  • paradigm shift is a major change in the concepts and practices of how something works or is accomplished. A paradigm shift very often happens when new technology is introduced that radically alters the production process of a good or service. Major changes in the concept and practice of how something is worked or accomplished by is your answer!
  • Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Paradigm Shift is “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.”. Now that we know what it means be assured you can think back to a few that we have already experienced over the years.

In hindsight, retrospect, and remembrance of your experiences in this timeline or even in your continuum of timelines, you selected, and chose particular timelines, especially now to create your own opportunities described as a paradigm shift.

Consider, how amazing that your inner resonance of courage and bravery is to now “look” or “observe” non emotionally, objectively, your experiences without judging or wronging your Self, to “see” clearly and Non-Duality consciously how to establish a paradigm shift within your Self which releases, dumps, eliminates the confinements of your left computer brain limitations. These limitations are the Duality paradigm or template that has restricted the potential and the potentiality of you, me or so many individuals on this planet.

So, without judging or wronging any of this Duality paradigm that resonates to limitations, separatism, and disconnection taught to you and everyone really, from the “outside” perceptions of restrictions, can be paradigm-shifted. This paradigm shift of conscious evolution begins in a moment! 

The moment that you connected to your Self! The AHA moment, is when you recognize, devoid of self-judgment that you have the Power within you, in your heart, your real brain, directed from your potential and possibilities to now Manifested Actualities of how, what, when, and why you can now create the life you require, desire and so deserve. 

A natural paradigm shift within you happens! Not trauma, no ritual, no sacrifice…just a clear conscious shift that resonates to Your Inner Truth, Your Inner Wisdom, Your Inner Intelligence, and Your Inner Intellect. You begin the progressive process that is supported by your own inner resonance of your own Truth!



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