The greatest benefit of meditation is that it is beyond time and space!

There is no one way to meditate. You have many choices and options.  You can choose which particular way depending upon your situation. What serves you best at the moment.

Guided Meditation, a meditation that I have been doing for over 13 years, allows me to open to the Universe and the Multi-verse to share through clear guidance, supporting the individual intentions of everyone who is participating in the meditation.  For approximately 45 minutes, everyone is guided in safety and security to connect with the Quantum Field.

During this guided meditation, each person participating has his or her own personal powerful experience.  Everyone in the room is empowered to go inside themselves, connect beyond the boundaries of limitation and soar unencumbered by the ego.

They have the opportunities to “see” at their own quantum core, their abilities to create their lives so consciously, knowing through their private experiences of being in their own quantum field.  No restrictions, no boundaries, only experiencing the unlimitedness of their soul, spirit and body being connected clearly, compassionately and in union with themselves. 

This avenue is both an individual and a collective experience.  Each individual is embarking on their own meditative journey guided by his or her intentions.  The collective participation of the group magnifies everyone intentions by the collective empowerment of the joined consciousness.  This joint participation propelled by the in sync consciousness, expands the energy field in all directions.  Truly this is a real life multi-dimensional experience with very effective results.

Individual Meditation, there are several ways to meditation by your Self.  My favorite is laying down on my healing bed, breathing deeply and allowing my body to relax. You lay on the floor, on your couch, or your bed. Whatever space you find healing for you. Some of the times I listen to a meditation CD and other times I prefer meditating in silence.  What feels right to you in the moment.

Clear your “thinky-thinky” computer/brain,, turn it off, breathe deeply, allowing your body to be full oxygenated in every cell of your body.  You will feel your body relaxing.  You can not think your body is relaxing.  When you think you are stopping the process.

When you are meditating by your Self it is equally important to set intentions for your experience. Or if you prefer, you can just allow your body to guide you. 

At times in the deepest meditations you will get the clearest of information.  You will feel inspired and so connected to the Universe and Multi-verse.  Don’t set your Self up for expectations or you will continue to stay in your head.  Get into you heart and embrace your body to have the meditation experience. 

At other times you may prefer to stay completely “awake” and stay at your surface level of consciousness.  These times can be when you are over stressed at work, over committed at the job, over stimulated by your surroundings.  Just take time out, go find an empty space somewhere, whether an empty conference room, your car in the parking lot, a place outside even of an office building.  Close your eyes, intend that in five or ten minutes you will feel relaxed, rested and refreshed.  This method of meditation will work very effectively.  It will also calm you down before you get home putting you in a much better frame of mind.

Meditate with a friend or friends, this is a great way to connect to your friends at a deeper level of understanding for each other.  This is fun way to support your Self and each other.  Determine objectives for your meditations.  Write them down.  As each of you, whether listening to music or silently, quiet your minds, you will feel a connection of your consciousness and your energy fields supporting each other.

As you meditate together, you can either set a time frame or leave the time open ended depending upon your schedules.  Synchronize your breath, embrace being relaxed and enjoy the journey deep inside your Selves.  Allow your bodies to energetically meld and allow the experience to assist each of you in meeting your objectives.

After the meditation, share your experiences with each. You may be surprised that you all have similar experiences.  Remember this is a fabulous joint experience.  You will be amazed at what happens.  Always be open.  Don’t try to analyze anything.  Stay in your hearts and let the experiences unfold.

Before going to bed, this is a perfect time to meditate and set your Self up for a fabulous night sleep.  Lay anatomically correct in your bed, laying on your back with your body open. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, connect to your heart, push the stress out of your body from your head to your toes, continuing to connect to each part of your body.  Your body will respond, relax and release the stresses of the day.  Before you know it you will be sleeping soundly.  Your body will take over, turn you over or to a favorite side, you will sleep.  You can listen to music, a meditation CD or just enjoy the sound of your breathing in synchronicity with your body.  Sweet Dreams!

Make up your own version of Meditation, Be creative, be clever and create your own personal form of meditation.  The world of meditation is yours.  After all this is your world!  Enjoy!

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