How was marketing invented? Marketing is the foundation of all the Duality Programs of boxes that resonant with all the invented manipulations and “con”trols of the follow the leader, be in the know, fit in and get in line mentality for the followers to follow. Duality’s marketing guidelines outline the rules and regulations in their current timelines that provide the social norms for everyone to follow.  OMG if you don’t follow.

When someone or some group does not follow the “norms”,  they have to be put back into line.  They are labeled as rebels, dissidents, insurgents, objectors, renegades, nonconformists and the list of labels goes on and on.  On the flip side of the Duality coin, they can be called patriots, nationalists, flag wavers, loyalists, and the list of labels goes on.  

What problem is what side of the Duality Marketing Plan do you fit?  Also, you have to consider what side or sides have you been on in your continuum.  Not so much in the idea of past or other lifetimes, but consider your participations throughout your continuing continuum sides and, what, in fact, side or sides do you join?  Were you on the acceptable marketing side?  Or were you on the unacceptable marketing side?  Whatever side you are on in that particular timeline will have a direct impact on the quality of acceptability in the current societal marketing guidelines for that era, century, period or span of time.  

A huge consideration that has to be given in the current Duality marketing plan is the quality of your life and where you chose to participate in any given place on this planet called Earth.  Let’s not get woo woo here, but consider those who are positive they are from other places and planets in this Duality Universe, they too reap the Duality marketing plans in their lives.  Earth is not the only place in this Universe that embraces the Duality marketing plan profiles in any given time period. Duality’s marketing plan on this “plan”et and anywhere else determines the current acceptable acceptance guidelines.  Is this outrageous or what?  Can you see the seriousness and the outrageous jokes Duality’s marketing plans bring to any given populace in any given time lines!

Oh Yes, this is how Duality works.  Without any form of judgment, just stating the facts Duality has to have opposition to have competition.  There is nothing right or wrong about competition.  However, Duality deems there must be a right and wrong in every situation. What if the competition was eliminated?  What if just amazing experience and experiences in every aspect of life is the goal? Just asking?  What if the competition was not the plan?  What if the pure joy of an experience, the pure joy of accomplishment, the pure joy of excelling in life is the goal?  The pure joy of creativity unleashed unlimited.  Is this pie in the sky? How do you know or together we know?  The Truth is, we have never actually had individual and collective experiences of the sustainable pure joy of accomplishments because they are always measured against someone or some guidelines.  

In Duality no can be first.  Only the very few!  Why? Because Duality in any given time line, era, or time frame is set up for the have and the have nots, for the successful and the unsuccessful, the have it and the lost it…. and the descriptions of the Duality marketing plans go on and on.  We all fit into these categories, provide the data, the statistics, and the collective with this gathered data, provide the stats to create newer versions of basically the same Duality “con” jobs and “con” jabs. 

All this becomes so interesting as you become NEO, Non Emotional Observer. My favorite stance! The more you observe behaviors, language, words, teachings, information, interactions in every type of relationship, without judging or measuring, you will discover the information that you can use or utilize in your own life, personal and professional, without all the “emotional hooks” that skew your clarity about you, your life and Duality’s marketing plans to “con”trol and “skew” your own life!  This is a very self-empowering statement.

I don’t know about you, but I “wonder” many times… “what would life be like if everyone didn’t have to be for or against something, worried about fitting-in, self-judging, stop measuring Duality’s idea of success, evaluating and assessing your Self all the time, get out of your restricted thinking thinky left computer brain, and stop “con”centrating and evaluating your Self from the outside of you! 

Just consider…  be your own successes all the time, allow your unlimited non-Duality creativity be unleased, “see” your Self for your talents, be willing and open to expand your talents and learn more about your Self, be cooperative with your Self, be amazing at what you have accomplished even with the prior unknown Duality limitations influencing you, support your Self to be unlimited, listen to your Self, you words, your language, your descriptions of Self, observe your Self non-judgmentally and become your own fan club from the inside out.  

These steps make a huge difference in how you participate, how you create, how you engage in life.  Always, always remember your Authentic Self is Life.  Dismiss, cancel, dump the Duality marketing plans that advertise you have to do this, take this, be this, act this way, blah, blah, blah to fit in, to be acceptable “almost”!

The more you are separated from your Self, the more divided from the inside out you are from your Self. The more the resonance of division is incorporated into your Duality left computer brain, the more you are “con”trolled to be divided and separated from others.  This is called Prejudice. Prejudice is a main factor in the Duality marketing plan.  

First, keep you divided from your Self, then it is so easy to keep you divided from others.  In the Duality marketing plan, this is called WAR!  The war inside you, individually and then collectively, and WAR is marketed.  Perfect! Then in Love let’s bring in the separation clause in the Duality marketing plan and you have conflict, war, and perhaps divorce.  The plan works every time.  The winner and the losers prevail over and over and over again.  Fighting over…you name it… the pots and pan, the property, the land, the resources, the leadership…and it happens over and over again. Getting the picture.

Any plan can be canceled.  Can I tell you what your life will be without Duality? NO!  Can I say, it may offer opportunities to create a New Earth, a New Place, A New Way….for sure… I do believe it.  How?  That’s for another article.  This is just a tibit!  Perhaps an extraordinary itch of consciousness! 


“What you scribe to in life becomes your subscriptions…consider the prescriptions of your subscriptions and subscribe to the consciousness of your heart!”

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