Insecurity rears its dysfunctional mindset, it is a left computer brain mindset, in so many ways. Insecurity affects, effects, and infects all varieties of relationships. Whether the relationships are considered personal, professional, friendships, romantic, casual, business, especially family, and every sort of label of relationship that can be identified, these relationship experiences are influenced and shaped by this “manipulative” theme called Insecurity!

If you or anyone would love to drive a wedge of dysfunction into a relationship of any kind, then permeate the environment with the resonance of insecurity and expand the wedge until the breaking point for the one who is being subjected as a “victim” of the insecurity. All cognitive common sense disappears. Sometimes this disappearing common sense occurs fairly quickly.  More times than not, common sense eats up valuable productive time in a relationship. Wasting valuable moments, days, weeks, months, years…squandering not only time but suppressing life and draining energy of everyone involved. Doesn’t insecurity sound like life wasting energy and creativity?  It is!!!

What is insecurity anyway?  Well, there are many guises and descriptions of insecurity especially through “head talk therapy” that repeats the descriptions of the behavior patterns over and over.  Yet without judging the head talk, my question is “why does it take so absolutely long” to keep through a left computer brain talking about the same behavior of patterns that perpetuates and defines the behavior and patterns, yet never seems to identify the core or the origination point of how insecurity got stated in the first place.  This may sound like an oversimplified statement or even a judgmental statement, yet look at how many people, whether rich or poor, have or have not, “suffer” from insecurity.  

My number one question about insecurity is when did it start?  My number two question is will continue talking about it changing the behavior and the patterns? My number three question is does it have to be a continuing continual “affliction”…in the behavioral pattern of the victimizing perpetrator.  My number four question does the other person or persons on the victimized side of the insecurity pattern have to put up with it?  Oh yes, I have more questions.

However,  I am more interested in getting to the origination point of the insecurity mindset, finding out the facts of the original experience, supporting the resolution of it, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, to create and support a solution.  All the talky talky about it will never create a resolution for a solution. Without a resolution, there is not a solution only conjecture!

Many times someone will say to me how can emotional,  mental, physical, and spiritual being connected to finances.  Ask…”What is the cost, not just money, but time, effort, experience, creativity, and life, that is wasted in relationships impacted by insecurity? 

When I have assisted clients, of all ages and stages, walks of life over the years, insecurity is one of the most devastatingly impacting heavy-duty energy patterns inflicted into a personal and/or professional environment.  All participants regardless of their ages or stages or relationships to the patterns and behaviors of the “insecure” one, walking on eggshells is a very energy draining, life-sucking on edge all the time.  The anticipatory “waiting for the ax to fall”, just not sure what will touch off the insecure one. 

This is absolutely not a judgment.  This is pointing how the “insecurity” environment affects, effects, and infects the experiences of the relationships.  Not fun. Not fun at all!

This continuing pattern of waiting has an impact on the entire relationship in its entirety of time, place, experiences, intimacy, connection and the list goes on. Whatever time frame the offending party can bring the offended to the breaking point, can be fairly quickly or take years.  The question is  “What is the worth of this relationship investment?” 

Many times that depends on Duality’s Belief Systems of limitations.  Without any judgment… just pointing out the fact… religion, family background, ethnicity, conditioning, tribal, group, however, these belief systems are labeled and instilled into the individuals.  How someone is perceived as judged, especially as a failure, has a direct impact on how long someone will put up with anything that is non-life supporting. Again this is not a judgment.  

The point is that “putting up” with this very energy draining, life-sucking, creative limiting behaviors of the “insecurity” perpetuator, depends upon the Duality Belief Systems of the ones involved in the relationship.  Many times the idea is to “look the other way”, the person will change, the person didn’t mean it, the person is just like their “mother” or “father” or some person in the family, I can fix them, I must be patient… etc, etc etc.  Get this… this is not about judging.  No one in the situation can be assisted or empowered, if denial is the answer to the insecurity problem!  Denial never works.  And neither do left brain computer talking talking talking about what is obvious!

Just because something is obvious, does not make a solution!  Again a resolution, connecting the original point of the misconception with the body of the person can begin to find the resolution.  The time, place, incident, experience, misinterpretation, inexperience, and many other aspects to the how, when, where, what and why it happened. Comprehending the patterns of behavior which continue, what triggers the actions and more can be accessed by connecting to the clear Cellular Memory underneath the Cellular Memorization of the trauma that initially created the “Insecurity” prompting the patterns and behaviors over and over again.  The detrimental repeated patterns have definitely impacted the health of the insecure and the health of those involved in the relationship.

This is the brilliance of the body’s intelligence and intellect.  Accessing the pure, clear, brilliant Cellular Memory buried underneath the Duality left computer based brain programming through all these misinterpretations of what life is really about for everyone.  The Duality programs disconnect you and everyone from your own amazing self through “con”trol and manipulation.  

How perfect… creating dysfunctional patterns and behaviors, that can be “labeled” and identified as unlimited dysfunctions and illnesses.  Insecurity is but one of them.  Where ever a particular body is the weakest creates the illness through all the emotionality of the issues in the tissues.  

As the example in this article, the resonance of insecurity lays the foundation to lower the immune system, and where the physical and emotional body is the weakest becomes the platform for illness, disease, and or dysfunction. This is how it works.  Insecurity is a left computer brain dysfunction.





“How I am treated is how I give people permission to treat me and to treat myself!”

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