The entire concept of relationships, particularly Duality, is based upon love.  In the metaphysical world, love is based unconditionally.  Yet when you look around, you will discover that in Duality’s form of unconditional love, there are so many caveats to love, it is almost impossible to count the ways of unconditional love that are predicated on the however, well, or except. These particular words have caveats that list the rules of this unconditional love foundation.

Hmmm! Oh yes, “I will love you unconditionally… however you must do this or that…or well, if you could just do this or that….or except when you do this or that!”  The unconditional love in Duality is predicated on so many, however, wells, and exceptions, defined with this other small work… “if”.

The Ifs are the ands and buts of the unconditional “con”ditions that are excepted to be followed to be the recipient of all of the Duality versions of unconditional love. The rules rule the measurements of Duality’s unconditional love. Depending upon where you are on the measurement scale is how you will receive another person’s, unconditional love!  

The measurement is founded upon the person or persons giving this Duality “gift” of unconditional love. The “con”ditions are the underpinnings of this measurement of unconditional love. The question that arises is who is getting “pinned” or “pinned down” in the circumstances to “live up” to the parameters of the specifications of any of the Duality versions of unconditional love

Ever wonder why these so-called relationships are based upon this unconditionality factor or even factors, that there is something lost in the translation of the word..” unconditional”? Let your Self count the ways, when you accept unconditional love from someone…and it is like you didn’t read the fine print, and/or see the “invisible” ink of the unconditional love contract! These stipulations rear their ugly heads and rise out of the invisible ink, and you “emotion” you have had. In Duality this happens all the time.

When the hormones wear off, and seemingly the head clears, this is not a judgment, a shift is the experience of this unconditional love relationship, romantic or friendship, many interesting aspects rise to the surface along with the ruler or the measurement tools that were hidden in the background. These measurement tools can rear their ugly head.  They can put a stain on the relationship. The shock comes into play.

When the shock hits, the scrambling to figure out what happened rears its ugly head. Then the judgments start to align themselves and the questions begin to emerge. “How come I didn’t see this happening.” “What the heck is going on?” “Who is this person with whom I am in a relationship?” “What went wrong?”  The list of questions can go on and on. They can go on and on for years and years.

The really scary part is…” if unconditional love” promoted as the basis of a “real” relationship is not working, then what does the word unconditional in connection to love really mean? In Duality is it full of meaning or just full of mean? This is what must be addressed before the Duality hormones kick in and all conscious clarity flies out the window.

A lot of time and space and effort is expended and wasted.  If this is unconditional love, then why are there so many issues in relationships, whether romantic or friendship? This is the big question?  Everyone on each side of this unconditional Duality love is holding onto the past mostly unconsciously which affect, effect, and infect the connections. The Duality form of unconditional love is the disconnect of the connections based upon the limitations of the Duality terminology of the word “unconditional”.

In order, to move past and beyond the resonance of this unconditional love formula, you must comprehend that this formula does not work.  The formula that formulates a relationship, personal or professional is formulated in the Duality left computer brain which ‘interprets” this word unconditional!  Here in “lies” the affect, effect, and “infect” of this Duality terminology of “unconditional”. In Duality there is NO, ABSOLUTELY NO UNCONDITIONAL RESONANCE IN ANY RELATIONSHIP! Interpretations are very confusing!

If there was or is unconditional, then how come “con”trol becomes part of the unconditional love experiences? There is the prejudice of each person attached to the past(s) that infect consciously or unconsciously the aspect of unconditional. The “unconditional factor leads to “talk”. Gossip, talking to a therapist, telling all how much this connection is not working. Telling family members, and friends the story of the relationship that has no unconditional factor at all. 

The trauma dramas eventually become the connection. Therefore trauma dramas become the designations “unconditional” in relationships, again personal or professional. The equation that is not addressed at all is when someone “talks about the dysfunction of the relationship, all consciousness is thrown out the window. The window of a successful full relationship is thwarted by the emotional conversations that surround this supposedly unconditional love connection or connection!

The disconnect is ALL EMOTIONAL AND ATTACHED TO THE PAST EXPERIENCES RUNNING THROUGH THE LEFT COMPUTER BRAIN OF THE DUALITY “CON-TROLS”! What is so amazing it appears that many relationships end up in this predicament! A predicament it is!  So how can it be changed? Change temporarily or permanently? What a fabulous question!

When you stay in the resonance of the lowest based frequency and vibration of Duality, nothing changes. The situation, the circumstances, the views, the whatever may look different, yet the Truth is it is the same over and over again. The Recycle Bin of Unconditional Love with all the caveats of this so-called Duality love relationship, again personal or professional.

The key to a successful full shift, a paradigm shift, a change in resonance, is your willingness to acknowledge that unconditional love in Duality is a bunch of bullshit! It is totally B.S. The best way and only way to extricate, disengage, to detach from Duality’s Belief Systems of unconditional love is to acknowledge that this does not work, never worked, and will never work!

The real foundation of Non-Duality Connectedness is Unconditional Acceptance of first your Self without any emotional attachments to the past, without Self-Judgment, and accepting your Self for who you are in your current timeline and unconditional acceptance that your Soul is so brilliant to creating your experiences so you can Wake Up.


In Unconditional Acceptance, the real Non-Duality Connection Factor factors in the connection and the connectedness to Your Self.  As you accept your Self Unconditionally, without the emotional attachments to the past(s) experiences of Self-Judgment and the should of’s, could of’s, and would of’s provides the opening and shift for your Self from the Inside Out!  

Releasing your Self emotionally, mentally, and physically is the way for your inner Spirituality to become your best guide and guidance system from WITHIN YOU! The financial part of your inner equation is your commitment to not waste your Self or one moment of your life on those expenditures that are the “costs” to you to be stuck in the past and in Self-Judgment.   

Living in the moment in Unconditional Acceptance of Your Self supports you in Unconditionally Accepting others. There is no room to waste your time, your conversations with your Self and with others, on gossip, pre-conceived ideas not based on facts, or any other emotional attachment to a situation. 



“Made in the likeness of God.. be the Godness within you and LIKE Your Self!”
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