Have there been times in your life when you knew something was ending and something was beginning? Though you may not have known at that particular time or in those other times,  what everything or anything is or was all about.  Or even, in fact, that something was unfolding and you were even oblivious to what is or was happening at the time?  Hmmm!

This is certainly not a judgment of any kind.  Maybe an accident, or turn of events, or someone transitions/death, or you are given an opportunity “out of the blue”, or some change occurs both personally and professionally, or current events change your life and the lives of others, even globally! 

In these particular times, in the past couple of years and currently, the changes in how we do things individually and collectively have dynamics that maybe no one saw coming.  Some did see it coming.  This is neither “here” nor “there”! The issues, the changes, the dynamics may not have “fit” into your idea of your life, what you are doing, or even what you have planned.

Throughout history, through migration, immigration, wars, politics, events, and the list goes on, lives are changed. How many people, including you at this time, had their lives disrupted from the “track” they were on in their idea or way of doing things?  Can you relate to this right now? 

Could you imagine or conceptualize three years ago that the collective fear of getting sick or dying would have a major impact on your life or the lives of people locally, nationally, or globally?  Did you ask your Self… “How can this be happening?” Or even better yet, “Why is this happening?”  Ask your Self this… “Do I just accept what is happening or not?”  

How many people through world history have had to ask them Selves these questions? Some may even have “pretended” what was happening was not happening. You know, that old paradigm… “If you don’t talk about “it”, it doesn’t exist!”  Well, the point is, some much that is happening on this planet right now, is really happening!

Not comfortable, not possible, not even imagined, perhaps catastrophic, and not even considered in the equation of your life.  Now what?  This brings the point of this message to my newsletter at the beginning of 2022. The number is assigned through some measurement of time by a person or a group of people who decided at what “time” a paradigm shift is to be created for you and all of us during a particular timeline. Interesting isn’t it? 

Throughout all the shifts, changes, modifications, “transformations”, revolutions, adjustments, variations, etc, etc, etc, there is always this dynamic that I refer to as “The In Between Time. What is the In Between Time? This is the period, the stage, the phase, the interlude, the cycle, etc etc etc of the “conversion” of what was and what IS now.  

Have you ever considered how easy it is for those who are “converting” the current paradigm into the “newer” paradigm? Do “those” individuals or a group or groups who are agreeing upon and who are creating the “conversion” really care about the ramifications or the impacts on the population which includes you and me? 

Without a doubt, the “they” don’t really care. Remember they have their idea that they are in “con”trol of you and me.  Interesting isn’t it? What they decree is what they decree.  Were you or me or anyone ever asked our ideas, opinions, or even questioned would work for our lives individually or collectively? A resounding NO!

So now or currently, this  brings the point of this message or article to the deeper place of how these changes impact  the lives of you, me, and all of us  as “their” shifts/changes are “played out!”  Hmmmmm!  What’s next?

The point is really not so much what is next! The point is how the undercurrents of these planned changes will affect, effect, and perhaps even infect you, me, and all of us collectively. The best point is this is the In-Between Times for all of us.  What we do, how we act, how we participate, how we contribute, how we share, how we get involved, and the How’s go on and on will make significant differences in everyone’s lives.  

Those that follow, without judgment here, blindly always say throughout history and currently perhaps… “I didn’t see it coming!” Or “Why didn’t I see it coming?” Whatever the coming is, a loss of something: a relationship, a job, a home, a friendship… a “Way Of Life!”  

My first key to becoming an Involved Conscious Evolutionary from the inside out is NEO, Non Emotional Observer. This place of stance, of beginning to stand in your Power in these, definitely, challenging In-Between Times is to forgo all the emotionality in your physical body.

The more emotional you are, the more emotional you stay, you are easily led down a path that may not benefit you, your health, your life, and all the reasons you came here in the first place. To create a life that you came here to create minus all the trauma dramas, illnesses, diseases, stuckness, and the list goes on. 

This In-Between Time is yours, mine, everyone’s opportunities to shift the dynamics of the low resonance, frequency, and vibration of all of the Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. and CREATE YOUR LIFE, OUR LIVES TOGETHER through a RESONANCE OF NON-DUALITY. It has not happened before.  This is the perfection of the In-Between Times. 

This is the time to step into your own POWER, letting go of the FORCE of “Con”Trol by “them”! Who cares who the “they” and “them” are anymore? This is the Time for creation, implementation, manifestation, and actualization to, individually and collectively, create the New Earth…one Power Filled Step at a time. This In-Between Time is our Time!

“Life is how you create your life!”

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