Jua015df958b82de2abb03d5b59b93cba6st imagine if you were in total charge of your life.  What would it be like?  What would you create for your Self!!!  How many times have the dreams that you had as a child were forgotten or pushed aside by the every day stuff you thought was so important and it wasn’t in retrospect!  You know all that stuff that happens in everyday life?  

Listen to the news on TV or radio, read the newspapers.  All the reporting is about all the traumas, dramas, wars, killings, murders.  It is rare indeed, when sometime positive is written or talked about in the media.  It is almost as if the mass media will throw out a tidbit, now and again, as a small reminder, that there are great things going on! 

You get so programmed and desensitized by the mass media.  It just isn’t the truth that the only events that happen on this entire planet are negative?  No one reports about all the simple, everyday positive events that happen around the world everyday.  The negative reporting is overwhelming.  You don’t hear about the “good stuff”.  It simply doesn’t sell in the paradigm of the media.  Positive isn’t profitable?  Amazing isn’t it, how tragedy and money go together.  How sad that the programming supports you and everyone to see that negative side of the human condition as related to money. 

 Just think about it objectively and rationally!  The positive, productive side of the everyday life where individuals are contributing to their own lives as well as to those around them has no dollar value.  How fabulous is that! Look at this from the

higher perspective of consciousness, and you will see that doing great things in your life and making a positive difference in those around you is worth more than money.

The value of this consciousness in creative action is priceless.  You have the power to make your life what you want it to be. You have the power to influence others in constructive ways. You don’t have to get caught up, and be influenced by the overwhelming depressive, negative news.  All the negativity simply numbs you and stops you from feeling.  It drains your power.  It makes you forget your dreams.  Don’t let it!  

Yes, you can create your life that you want it to be. You can.  By staying the observer and detaching from all that “stuff” that is not productive in your life.  It doesn’t mean you are in denial or ignoring any current situation. You want to keep your Self informed. But you don’t want to get “hooked” into the emotional negativity.  Don’t b01bb264b5593d23c469798704f571a0euy into the negativity.  Don’t allow your Self to get involved in non productive events which may or may not have relevancy to your every day life.  

It doesn’t mean not to get involved.  It means you have a choice of how you get involved.  If you have emotional attachments to the event or situation, then you can not be objective and it will affect you in the most negative ways.  It will affect your creativity and get your out of sync with your purposes.  When you will fall into that subjective state, your emotions take you down.  This subjective emotional involvement is non productive.  It is not worth your life and how you want your life to be. 

Keep positive no matter what.  Life is changeable and mutable.  What may seem like an overwhelming challenge at the moment, just remember, the next moment things change.  So don’t get caught up in one negative moment and let it affect the moments to come.  Don’t waste one valuable moment of your life.  It is not worth it.

You can’t put a dollar value on your life.  You can value what you do and how you make your life…that is worth millions of moments of being in your power.  You are worth it!  Stay positive, and be the one who makes the best difference in your life…Y03f4cd2ca700561811beec2d9d02cfdaOU!