This statement… ”Life is never what you think it is” is the perfect statement you can say when life doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it was going to be?  Do you ever know what life is going to be?  Yes and No!

When you stay in your head, you can calculate, add two and two together, analyze, evaluate, rationalize and even logical about life.  Yet when you get down to the nitty-gritty, life can’t be computed from a narrow point of view particularly if the point of view is constricted, rigid, and “in a compartmentalized box”.  When you are tightly wound up and closed about life, your life is rigid and closed.  Relationships, personal and professional are tougher.  Life can appear that everything is happening that is against you. This is a very narrow idea of life.  Life is predicable???  Nothing will turn out right!!!  Whew…what a concept of life, especially in this economy, and all the bad news on every wavelength of media.  You are inundated with bad news every day.  In this is your Yes about life that “life is what you think it is with all the negativity…then life sucks.  The question is does it really have to be this way.

No!  Life can be what you think it is.  First, you have to look at what is not working and don’t continue to do.  Didn’t say it was easy!  Did say you can make life what you think it is. There is a huge difference. Look around you.  Look at your life from an observer position.  Be open.  What do you really love to do?  Who are the people, friends, and family who support you emotionally in the things you love to do? Ask those closest to you for clear, objective advice.  Stay out of your emotions.  Stop trying to fix your life.

You are not broken, maybe a little confused.  You are NOT broken.  

Begin to write down how you see the life that you think your life is, in the way that life serves you and the way you serve your life. Your words are very powerful.  When you write down the words clearly about all that is going on in your life right now and how you choose it to be, you begin the first step in not only clarifying how you think your life is, you will be begin to visualize how you would love to see how your life is.

You are the only one who can uplift your Self first.  You are the only one who can tap into your proverbial Spirit.  Your Spirit is the powerful essence of who you are trapped underneath the layers of fears that are pervading now.  The systems are breaking down.  Nothing is the way it used to be.  Now you can give your Self the best gift by connecting deeply to your inner essence. 

Now is the time to ask your Self, what is going on in your life that doesn’t work?  What is going on in my life that works?  Keep what works and dump the rest.  Forget about finding your answers on TV or in any form of the media.  Or, in fact, forget about finding any answers outside of your Self.  You know your Self from the inside out.  The “they” don’t have your answers.  They are just reporting the fear.  

Underneath all the emotional stuff and the re-actions to the emotional stuff, you do absolutely have the ability to begin to believe in your Self.  Step back for a moment and look through the past history, when a person or a group picked up their lives with the barest minimum of belongings and traveled to another place to begin a new life, they had to start all over again.  They had a different vision of their lives and they left the past behind.  This is the best idea now.  Let’ the past remain where it is… in the past, even if the past was one week, one day, or one minute ago.  You can’t change it, but can let it go.

Life is never what you think it is… is the now time to begin to create something new. The old is never going to be what you think or thought it was before.  Now it is time to think up new things.  The time has come to go into the recesses of your clear mind, look for new ideas and take a stand for your Self.  You can do it.  You can overcome the obstacles and the fears because you have your natural, innate creative abilities to begin to establish a new life from a clear perspective.  

Take the step forward, don’t look back.  The past and the systems of the past are over.  Time to create newness! Definitely, it is time to work together, to inspire each other to make different choices of what life is now and is going to be for the future of this world.  

Consciously create the Life that you create and believe in what you feel your life is!!!

“Live through your heart and your life is a heart filled with love!”

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