With all the stress, strain and anxiety that is going on, it can be compounded from other experiences in life that we have had that can influence us now, believe it or not! Here is an article that I wrote for Dr. Gladys McGarey’s newsletter a couple of years ago. She is an extraordinary globally know pediatrician. What an honor for me to write this article, Baby’s First Connection.

Honestly from the minute the sperm hits the egg, our lives begin. We are taking in information right from the womb. These experiences can affect, effect and even infect us without our conscious knowledge. Without judging, perhaps connecting to them if they are no longer viable to our lives, we can physically and emotionally release them. The best part is to keep the experiences that have been supportive and expand upon them. Anxiety, depression, addiction, etc do not have to influence us anymore. The Anshara Method is key to a healthy productive life.. No Matter What Happened!!!


At the time of conception, when the sperm hits the egg, a fully conscious human being begins to develop in the womb. Each cell and each group of cells know what they are supposed to be and how they are supposed to work together. The intelligence and intellect of the cells, molecules and particles are in unison as the baby or babies develop.

When the mother and father understand from the beginning of this new life that a fully conscious being is developing through this union of their biology, genetics, and belief systems, they immediately can begin to communicate with their baby or babies. The life of their offspring is influenced by their actions, their behaviors, their experiences, their thoughts, their ideas, their words, their language, and even their belief systems. With this knowledge, they can communicate in very real and powerful ways from the beginning of the baby’s life or babies’ lives. Through the conscious connections and clear communications between the parents and baby or babies, there are simply no words that can describe this journey for a family. Yet, I have witnessed, over and over again, deep bonds as the baby and the parents grow together from the womb into this world.

As a Medical Intuitive, I have been blessed to share in these connections and conversations between parents and babies. Here are a few.

One client came for a private session in the month of December. The session was not at all related to being pregnant, getting pregnant or even talking about babies. As we proceeded with her session, I asked, “Are you considering having a baby?” “Oh no, maybe next fall,” she answered. In mid-January, she came for another appointment. As soon as she walked in she said, “You knew I was pregnant, didn’t you?” In September the baby was born. This actually happened twice for her. Both babies let me know they were here. The pregnancy tests just confirmed it to the parents.

This past year one of my clients, a fabulous millennial who I call one of the “New Kids on the Block”, became pregnant. Her mother is a good friend of mine and I have known this new mother-to-be when she was in her early teens. As soon as she discovered she was pregnant, we scheduled her appointments for the nine months. The baby became more and more talkative as she evolved each month. She would share amazing information about her family, which I, of course, couldn’t know even though we were friends.

In one session, she told me to ask her grandmother and mother about her feet! So following directions, I asked them, “What about her feet?” By the way, she told me she is a girl from the very beginning…too funny. Back to her feet! When I asked this question, the grandmother jumped up from her chair and said, “WOW. Yesterday my daughter was having an ultra-sound and I said ‘I can’t see her feet’.” She was getting the ultra-sound images remotely sent to her office. Well the baby heard it, and turned, and her feet showed up. Honestly you can’t make this stuff up. We all had laughs.

The baby said her favorite color is teal. Again, Grandmother started smiling and laughing. This is the Grandfather’s favorite color. Who knew? She did! Then she said, “I would like two names. Not just one.” So she got two names. More and more wonderful conversations happened during these nine months.

The baby had a natural birth, came out smiling and talking away. Yes, she did! A week and one day after her birth, she came to visit me, heard my voice, starting smiling and wiggling around, and then snuggled into my arms. She knows me and my voice! I know her.

In nine months she had so much to say. Our connection continues. When I speak to her mother or grandmother over the phone and when she hears my voice, she gets excited and starts laughing. I am sure she “remembers” how many times we laughed during her nine months. She has also told me her brother is waiting to come. Of course, I told her family!

In one very profound experience with another client, the baby only lived for a few months. Of course both parents were devastated. Who wouldn’t be? They both said they would never have another child. The baby came to me in the session and told me he would come back, but had not decided if he would be a boy or a girl. He was considering his options. Now really I cannot make this up. He told me too many things that were very personal to his family.

After several sessions with his mother to overcome her grief and sadness, I knew she would be pregnant in a matter of weeks. Yes, for sure she returned for a session, walked in the door, she looked at me and said, “You already know.” “Yes”, I said, “You are pregnant.” What else transpired in the conversation is exactly what happened. A soul is returning.

How grateful I am to be a part of these new lives. We must all recognize that life begins at the minute of conception. All children choose their parents. I teach my clients that what we like about our parents we have cleared and what we don’t like, well, that’s what we came here to work through in our experiences. These are the contracts we sign with each other, conscious or not!

Whatever the contracts, without judging them or anyone involved, they can be changed as everyone evolves consciously. However, in some belief systems, it is expected to take a long time or even take many lifetimes to work out. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. The contracts can be changed. Not only can they be changed, they can be enhanced in the most positive ways. With loving intentions using the parents’ natural intuition and listening through their hearts, they can begin to connect soul to soul, spirit to spirit, and body to body.

Speak words of love, support and welcoming this soul to the earth. Using the Mozart Effect, with both parents’ hands on the belly, speaking loving words, playing loving music, hearts to heart, the connections are made.

Another client was pregnant with twins. What a delight that each child knew their own name. During the sessions, I would say the name of each child. Then each child would respond to their own name by moving in the womb.

I had the most incredible experience being present at their birth. After they were cleaned up and laid side by side in a two baby basket, I spoke to them softly and lovingly. Immediately they responded, opening their eyes and moving their arms and feet. Yes, for sure, they knew my voice and my energy. Connection, from the womb into the world, they knew me!

On the sad side of pregnancy, one of the most profound cellular experiences happened with a client who remembered the trauma of her mother attempting to abort her with a knitting needle. Needless to say there were many emotional traumas in her life. She struggled through her life desperately seeking to be accepted. Through years of searching, she finally got the answers to her questions.

By accessing her Cellular Memory without re-experiencing the physical and emotional trauma, she forgave her mother, though they never had a relationship. She healed herself and moved on. She could not change the past, but she could heal. It took almost 50 years, but through her courage and bravery, she did it without re-traumatizing herself. She is free.

What can we learn from this? We must begin to honor life. We must recognize and realize with “real eyes” that there are no mistakes. There are no accidents. There are contracts. And again, traumatic contracts can be changed. For parents, they can learn to be open and accepting that this baby or babies are unique gifts who have come to share their lives and to teach them. Maybe part of the teaching is learning about our Selves in all sorts of ways that are comfortable and not so comfortable.

How a baby or babies come to parents, whether through their sperm and egg, or even through adoption, we all chose each other. Just knowing this is very freeing. Again, the minute the sperm hits the egg, YOU are HERE, ready for YOUR life. Understanding this can change this journey together throughout both the parents’ and the babies’ lives as they move through their own ages and stages and grow-up together consciously and connected.

Life is a miracle and miraculous. Welcome Baby to planet Earth! You are…our future!

Sherry Anshara

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