One of the areas of mystery to me that I could not accept as a mystery is how words are used to perpetuate awe, confusion, separation, or just plain misunderstanding to you, me, or everyone/anyone in the course of these labels being invented called descriptive words!  Sometimes what a con job!  

Words can also be intentionally created to separate the “experts” from the “lay” person! OMG! Then these words become the property of the group that owns these words.  This is not a judgment.  This article is a statement of how particular groups “coin” words to advance their status in a particular area to keep them separate and “above” the “average” person.  Why… more times than not to perpetuate the “mystery”. To make sure they maintain their status as the “experts”.  OMG!

Here is a simple word that describes the energetic field around a living, let’s say, organism. A person, a plant, an animal, all living organisms have a field around them.  Even inanimate objects become imprinted with this field being emanated from living organisms. ALL LIFE releases their signature energy fields into the surroundings.  There is absolutely no mystery to this expression of life.  All children should be taught to experience, see and touch this real, physical expression of life.  For children to be taught this amazing natural aspect of life would certainly empower them, instead of having them be taught and imprinted with fear.  Especially if they can’t, at first, see this field, they can feel it.  This is the initial step… to “feel” this living field!  For sure it can be seen, in the resonance of Non Duality, fearlessly.  So fun!

Adults, not judging, are the perpetrators of these Duality belief systems of fear.  If you can’t see it…it doesn’t exist.  If you don’t talk about it…it doesn’t exist.  If you deny something…then it must be mysterious, or bad, or scary, or fear full!  What crap! Eon after eon, let’s just infuse each next generation with these Duality belief systems of B.S. over and over again.  Let’s continue the fear, the ridiculous mysteries that are not mysteries at all!  Let’s keep each generation trapped from the Truth.

For instance, the word Aura belongs to the metaphysical “community”. The word Bio-Energy Field belongs to the medical “community”. The word Electro-Magnetic Field belongs to scientific
“community”.  These three descriptive are exactly the same. Each group wanty-needys to “own” the description of your field, so they can be the expert of you!  What crap!

They are describing the natural field around a living organism.  All life has its own field!  And each life emits this field as a projection of their resonance.  When the organism is fear based, through these insidious Duality belief systems, the b.s., this field is taut, snotty, gelatinous, icky, sticky, yucky… just a few words to describe the actualization of this living field from a living organism…a person, you, me and everyone, plant, animal and the list goes on. 

When this field resonates to the Duality Fear Based Belief Systems, the b.s.,  this emanating field resonates as a (just descriptive) icky, sticky, yucky, etc projection of this living organism. In other words, the area surrounding this living organism, you, me, anyone, all life, that is imprinted with fear, the environment is just as icky, sticky, yucky, etc.  THIS FIELD IS A PROJECTION…  NOT A REFLECTION OF LIFE!  

These fields of life interact with each other.  Just consider teaching children from the beginning what a different life could be, if they knew without fear, that life projects this amazing field of life. What would the communication for the child and eventually as an adult be in creating his or her own lives fearlessly! WOW!  


Language is amazing.  Language as a descriptive is very creative.  Language as a way to communicate is quite imaginative.  Language can be quite inspiring.  However on the flip side of Duality language in the form of words can be very “con”trolling, very manipulative, and very very fear infested.  Language, in my idea, is NOT meant to be used to mystify, separate or confuse anyone especially to make a “leader” or “leaders” the “con”trollers of the followers.  

I once said the most profound bumper sticker… “When the followers lead, the leaders will follow!”  This is the time for you, me, all of us as humans to step into our own individual power and lead our Selves out of Duality, the “con”trols of the Duality limitation and separation programs that have perpetuated the more than, less, than, victim, victimizer, master, slave, etc paradigms of Duality.  This has all been accomplished through words.

When you begin to look at some of your own words that you say about your Self, whether out loud, or silently…your Duality left computer brain to your right male side (not gender) perpetuates these labels of language.  These labels have been programmed in you from childhood and eons through your continuum, in whatever language, to keep you from being Your Self.  

This particular word just cracks me up…CHANNELING!  OMG, this is the “keep me above everyone else Duality program” as the Channel of god, spirit, the grand poohbah, the other terrestrials, the big deals….OMG!  There is absolutely no mystery in the word Channeling.  It is just descriptive. 


Here is a perfect example of channeling. When I was eight years old, I raised my hand and asked the teacher, “if Columbus discovered America, how come people were living here?” The teacher channeling his education said… “Sherry memorize it and pass the test!”  OMG  He wanty needy me to justify his education and memorize what he was teaching what he was channeling to his students. This is not a judgment in any way.  How funny, Cellular Memorizations are what overrides the pure, clear Cellular Memory of who you are within your Self. 

Been teaching and talking about this since 1991.  As an FYI, I know I coined the term Cellular Memory way back then. Told I was crazy.  Hmmmm! Until the transplants happened and the recipients, began to experience the Cellular Memories of their donors! Well, how crazy is this?  DAH!

Back to channeling!  How many group leaders have “channeled” information to their followers and then the followers “channel” this same information.  My question is, do the followers ever question what the leaders are channeling to them?  The more you question, not as a judgment, but for your own benefits to live your life fully is the reason why… to ask questions.  I love questioning my Self. 

I have learned more through questioning than I have ever learned by “just accepting” what an authority figure channeled to me.  To question is not to wrong the person or authority figure, but ask are they really an authority?  Yes, they may have more education than you.  Wonderful! My teacher had much more education than I did at eight years old…but what is the back story to Columbus and the people who live here.  What did he discover?  Here is a tip… Columbus had a map…just saying. There is, indeed, a back story!


Look through your vocabulary.  Are there words, that have kept you in the dark because you accepted a particular paradigm of language, of words, of labels?  Really there is no mystery.  Words are wonderful.  Words can be informative.  Words can be educational. Words can be the way to communicate in a situation.  Yet words can be used to label you, define you and restrict you!  This is not the purpose of words.  

The fact is there is no mystery to words or language.  The mystery is how words and language are used to manipulate and “con”trol.  You have choices. Do not allow words from your Outside world to continually perpetuate mysteries that are not mysterious!  Let words be your expression of Self-Empowerment from your Inside to your Outside World!  Your world belongs to you!  


“What I say makes my day…and what I say can make or break someone else’s day!”

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