There is such a huge difference between Lessons and Knowledge! In the old Duality left brain computer programming that you, me, and everyone has to “learn” lessons!!! What a bunch of crap!

Look at the word Lesson. Less on, less on, less on. Turns into more on, more on, moron. Yes, I have said this before, written about this before, spoken about this before and here I am writing about this word again. So grateful to be writing about it again!

Through your Duality continuum, the idea of lessons is you create a lesson, that is repeatable. This is called the Duality Do-Over, Repeat, Not Again dynamics of this Duality Belief Systems. The perfect B.S.  The perfect storm that comes and goes and comes around again and again.

Now ask your Self… “What did I learn about this lesson?” Then how come if a lesson is something to learn, gain and then not do it again, that would make sense. However, in Duality nothing makes sense. Especially in the Duality No Sense, nonsense and non-sensical events repeat and are repeatable from one life to another. Or in this current life-time, repeating the same old same old as in relationships, experiences, trauma dramas or whatever or whom-ever… these Less-ons on are not fun.  What is gained, what is learned. Absolutely nothing. WHY? They are repeatable.

These so-called Duality lessons eat up your life, your time, your experiences, and most of all “eat you up alive”! They drain you! They take up your life. They take up space in your life. They are ridiculous.

So who made this up? This article is not about this. This article is to ask your Self… “Why would I even buy into such a disturbing Duality Belief System, that would drain away, shorten your life and your life’s experiences? With something so trite as a “lesson”.  

Now to belabor the idea of a lesson, that you can indeed learn from, is another option. Yet mostly in the Duality Belief Systems of Lessons, there is not much that is optional. Like beating your head against the wall, releasing your Self, saying wow this feels so good not to do this… And then do it again. OMG

“Less-on and be less…Gain Knowledge and be MORE!”
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